Hebei Philip calmly deal with the plight of the carpet industry to survive

Philip survival to calmly deal with the plight of the carpet industry in Europe and America customers signed on nearly 500,000 square feet carpet production contract.

Faced with the global financial crisis, Hebei Philip Industry Group Co., Ltd. to calmly deal with the carpet, the plight of survival, adapt to market demands and constantly develop new products to ensure that the economic crisis invincible. The group carried out with foreign investors through active exchanges and communication with Europe, America and Japan recently signed clients nearly 500,000 square feet of carpet sales orders, and achieved gratifying results.

First, customers and Spain signed Paul 82L plastic back wool carpets and rugs woven orders 30,000 square feet. The second is with the United States to buy Marconi Mok has signed more than 30 million square feet of low-quality machine-woven carpets and rugs NW series. Third, Latin America and Canada signed an hook a 9220 square feet of acrylic carpet contract, mainly superscript sports team logo. Fourth, with the United States Kass signed orders for all varieties carpet 87,000 square feet. Fifth, customers with Libya signed a 70,000 square feet of wool carpet glue back orders. Sixth, with Japan’s richsigned a 3429 square feet super glue wool carpet back orders. This is also the company for the Japanese market a newly developed super encryption 120L plastic carpet back to 9 U.S. dollars one square feet.

In addition, the company is for the British Red Gu developed wool 82L plastic back samples will air in the next few days to the customer for re-occupation of the British market. At present, the company is working with the Canadian security company to discuss a pull hook 2-30 ft2 of acrylic plastic carpet back big orders, and will be formally signed early in January production contract. In January next year, the company will usher in 2009 off to a good start.