Henan Ping Cotton Textile Group main push new fiber blended yarn

Henan Ping Cotton Textile Group Co., Ltd. is the first exhibition of new faces join yarn, special yarn in order to expand the company’s market influence, the exhibitors they prepare a stretch slub, bamboo / cotton blended yarn, Saint Ma / cotton blended yarn, linen, ramie / viscose / cotton blended yarn, wool / viscose / Cationic Yarn, nylon 66 and cotton blended yarn, such as several large series.


Ping Cotton Corporation of the main exhibitors of the Samples for a new type of fiber blended yarn. The main features of this yarn are anti-bacterial anti-corrosion, wear flame-retardant, anti-wrinkle smooth.


The exhibition, Ping cotton company also launched a series of new products. These products mainly through the breaking of the fibers, combing, less stretch, transmission range of technological innovations to reflect the difference between yarn and specificity, mainly bamboo and cotton blended series, santa Ma and cotton blended series, polyester and viscose wool fiber Blended series, ramie and viscose, cotton blended slub series.