Hetian handmade wool rugs have more than 2,000 years of history

Chinese New Year has just passed, and the city of Hotan, Xinjiang Yurungkax Kersee Bay town that handmade wool carpet factory workers on overtime, to make all kinds of selling handmade wool carpets, came to visit for Chinese and foreign tourists to visit to buy. Xinjiang valuable as the traditional export commodities, Hetian handmade wool rugs are brought about by the reform and opening up business opportunities, Shop to the world.

Hetian handmade wool rugs have more than 2,000 years of history, the local Uygur people are industrious and wisdom. Hotan carpets are handmade oriental carpets national system, mainly in Hotan, named “Hotan carpet.” Hotan carpets used excellent ingredients, fine Weavers, are popular both at home and abroad today, one of the main reasons consumers. It used sheep wool fiber Hetian moderate thickness, elasticity, and rally strong, and has the same shiny silk, good anti-denatured, non-linting, feel good, woven into a carpet texture of soft, flexible, durable, moisture-proof , long-term Shop returned with a lasting luster.

Hotan carpet chic designs, unique style, tone and elegant, in the pictorial structure fully reflects the characteristics of the Oriental peoples art, especially the art of Uygur characteristics. Handmade carpet quality of raw materials used Hetian sheep wool, in accordance with the traditional spinning line technology, dyeing, and then weaving into bright colors, patterns of pure wool carpet beauty.

In recent years, use Xinjiang’s Hotan region producing fine wool and traditional carpet weaving technology advantages, vigorously develop the national industry Hotan carpets, with good economic benefits. At present, about 60,000 people engaged in Hotan carpets and tapestries industry, annual production of about 800,000 square meters of products apart from the supply of the domestic market and also exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, etc. dozens of countries and regions, an annual output value of 250 million yuan.

With the rise of the local tourism industry, Wada handmade wool carpet market price with the same value and Tian doubled the price of an ordinary hand-carpet a few years ago from 300 yuan per square meter rose to near thousand dollars, and some technology beautifully about the use of materials of high-grade carpet prices per square meter higher.

It is understood that in Hotan Prefecture government departments developed a specialized system of blanket support for the development of the industry plan, to continue to expand the production of handmade wool carpet the size of the blanket system at the same time strictly regulate the industry manual process, to ensure the quality of this traditional handicraft.