Holiday rates by vehicle spinning off the impact of textile raw materials consumption decreased

As the national holiday during the peak tourism’s impact on the business dealings, coupled with the textile industry is not a good market, in order to reduce overtime and to double the cost of wages, Sichuan, Chongqing focused on the areas of textile enterprises have a holiday most of the vehicle 2-7 days, The large number of private enterprises while the majority are still spinning car production. As far as Sichuan, Chongqing member enterprises, during the festive season, yarn, cloth market, unusually light. Day this week, the companies offer stable, yarn, cloth merchants gradually increased. At present, winter clothing fabric to fabric as the main market, so wide in the thick fabric increased volume of buying and selling. Yarn, cotton carded yarn 32 movements a little better. Gray cloth market affected by the poor, the amount of yarn for plant growth, yarn market competition. As the post-cotton, Diduan market crash, although the plant yarn, fabrics offer the basic performance of the smooth, but the market has been a greater impact.

Holiday rates by vehicle spinning off the impact of textile raw materials consumption decreased. This week, Sichuan, Chongqing cotton price have fallen sharply, and 2 cotton price 1.30-1.35 yuan / ton. Diduan much more mainstream price for 1.07-1.075 million tons, down 700 yuan than before / ton, the industry has fallen to the bottom of the estimates.

October 8, 2008 Mar Yizheng: Yizheng Chemical Fiber-cotton market Diduan integrated mainstream market, cash prices for 10,200 yuan / tons, polyester chip prices 9150 yuan / tons.

Southwest this week, cotton-textile markets for the Diduan mainstream price 10700-10750 yuan / ton, bright Yizheng Diduan 11,000 yuan / ton.