Home accessories no major domestic brands and foreign brands on the horizontal

For China, home accessories is a late start as early as the development of the industry. Because the social environment and economic factors, the people before the concept of home decoration is not very heavy, 60 and 70 years of home accessories, such as table lamps are mostly practical, like a strong display of objects, then the market has not yet formed a true sense of Home accessories industry. At that time, home-based jewelry is accompanied by the furniture industry, gifts, flowers, bedding distributed for sale. Small and medium-sized cities in jewelry consumption due to the income level of the restrictions, home accessories are only more general accessories, products of relatively low quality, people’s attention at home jewelry is not high, less-scale home accessories Shop. 2000, the home accessories industry to gradually form their own market.

In the development of a high degree of material life, spiritual life even more particular about the age, life experience marketing, the overall pattern of home accessories from a respected so that the role of Paolong Tao has become a pivotal supporting role, or even talk is on the 2nd protagonist. Home accessories so popular, not only with the public improved quality of life are closely related, have also been decoration sector in recent years advocated by the “light renovation, re-decoration,” the impact. Many people in the home decoration, reversing the traditional concept of the past, no longer pursue the decoration too complicated, but pay more attention to the latter part of soft decoration, including furnishings and fabric, lighting, interior colors with, individuality can highlight, to Easily through changes to increase home “grade.”

Jewelry at home to break the traditional limits of the decoration industry, handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flower arrangement and plants re-combination, to form a new concept. The types of home accessories from the previous single change for now diversified, from the material on the points, cloth, glass, porcelain, resin, Iron, and so on from the use of points, there are murals, Candlestick, lighting, toys, etc.. Jewelry is also home to the functional and decorative unity, is to bring to life more convenient, practical and watch the unity, in order to make our lives more comfortable.

With the domestic jewelry industry step by step to mature, large-scale professional stores have gradually established. Beijing-home from outside the city of Shenzhen Art Exhibition Place and Investment Development Corporation depth of cooperation built outside Beijing-Art Exhibition Centre, Beijing’s first professional home jewelry market for home jewelry manufacturers to provide a flow of products and professional platform. According to general manager Liu Shaoxin Art Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Arts Development gathered from the main centre Pearl River Delta, Fujian, Zhejiang and other regions more than 70 production bases of the products. In addition to the present has been opened in Shenzhen, Beijing market will be in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, the establishment of sales logistics base, which will push these brands of the jewelry at home. Apart from the Art Exhibition Centre, home of the domestic market is also aware that the jewelry has become a hot spot of consumption and strive to create professional home jewelry sales center.

Art Exhibition Centre and the different location, even home (see map) is still living museum to house chain operations, the challenges have to dominate the high-end home accessories market department stores to high-end household goods as the main operating target, on sales of high-quality display Soft household decorations. Shang house in 5000 sailed to the spacious shop in the stores, many brands separate stores, creating Weimiaoweixiao life situations, to provide consumers with the most advanced experience of consumer sites.

Home jewelry industry is now at the primary stage of development, also in the market circulation by the shackles of traditional marketing, product prices still relatively high, all major sectors in the market system is not perfect. Last year, the first president of the Chinese furniture industry forum held in Beijing from across the country jewelry, furniture, the three major areas of the store an elite gathered around the terminal home jewelry channels start of construction is proposed to strengthen Marketplace terminals, and Brand Matching furniture, the three major shopping malls Zhadui countermeasures, this is undoubtedly the domestic jewelry industry plays a major role in promoting.

Have begun to take shape at home jewelry industry, so far there is not a domestic brand Xiangdang Dang, this is a challenge and an opportunity.

There are no major domestic brands and foreign brands on the horizontal

Home accessories store as “rookie” into the mainland HOLA special force housing in the world, 44 countries sell the Ikea of Sweden (see map), around the country have dozens of thousands of square metres of exhibition hall large Direct Monopoly of Iraq Noida (see map), a few years their respective characteristics of domestic jewelry industry will perform a resounding success.

The domestic is not a Jiaode ring for the brand with the horizontal. Innovation hampered by lack of domestic furniture business development, the National Association of Industry and Commerce Association, household furniture decorative accessories, president of the Executive Committee Liu Shaoxin sentence summed up the key to the industry: “This industry is labour-intensive, technology content is not very high, Most important is to see whether there are creative. “Soft decoration only constant innovation, leading the trend, to ensure the long-term market share, or other stores could be quickly replaced. Therefore, soft home decoration store on innovation in product design will be facing serious challenges.

Brand innovation difficult road

China’s first home design a serious lack of personnel, Guangdong Province as an example, the owner Jin Wanjia home on the 1000 production enterprises and home stores, but the designer has Kebanchushen has less than 1,000. Design of a serious lack of talent makes home stores can not start with product innovation. Even some manufacturers have more and Damai Chang’s design talents, and to greater energy and financial resources to design innovative products, but the industry generally prevailing copying the style of these stores discouraged.

Secondly, the present home in the jewelry industry is the early stage of development, most enterprises strength is not strong, the lack of economies of scale, much less product innovation, and establish a brand. Enterprises to build their own brand strategy, it is enterprises in market competition in an invincible position of the party. “Domestic household ornaments bigger, so after we should pay attention to nurturing the brand, will win more market.” Liu Shaoxin also points out the only way for enterprises bigger and stronger. “As Association, through the furniture business and furniture, accessories, retail distribution industries such as exchanges and cooperation and the sharing of resources, integrate various forces, slowly trying to train and nurture some more brands, more Reputable companies. “Decorative furniture National Association of Industry and Commerce Association, the professional home jewelry Secretary-General Xu Gang said:” This industry is relatively casual, personnel, funds, weaker than the strength of stresses. But still great room for development, the Authority for a period of time the main task is to promote the furniture industry consolidation and promotion, I believe that the next five to 10 years will produce domestic production or circulation of the furniture brand. ”

Brand innovation is the survival of domestic jewelry enterprises reach the killer

In recent years, with domestic industry in an increasingly competitive market of increasingly mature, “light renovation, re-decoration” has been more and more people understand and accept. At the same time, more and more furniture, decoration companies and distribution companies began to home accessories, many large domestic home stores have opened or expanded their home area jewelry stores, major exhibition also started to expand the area of home jewelry Museum. And the industry and the community on China’s domestic jewelry industry look forward to a very asymmetric China’s furniture industry is the current situation: a small scale enterprises, regional decentralization, less exchange of industry collaboration, competition disorder, and not brand.

No innovative products is the trend of fatal injury, is now China’s domestic jewelry market, product range is, but in these commodities, similar or identical products that we often see, creative, can be stripped of the people It is extremely rare. To be at home in the jewelry industry and make a brand appeal, mainly to see the brand behind the product has appeal, can not reflect the brand personality, no innovative products is a direct blow to the consumer’s purchase Interest so that consumers desire not to buy the products, how it has its own brand of influence that is self-evident.

Now, many people have started buying habits of all kinds of fashion brands. Many other types of fashion brands have begun to introduce fashion jewelry at home, but China is not a professional home accessories brand, so the domestic home jewelry stores in bigger, so after we should pay attention to nurturing the brand, the only way to the international and domestic brands of jewelry Match, to win more market