Home supply and marketing of soft decoration prosperous business to do so many Kai-yan

In recent days Sese cold wind, walking down the street, feel the biting cold Italy, more and more people start to the home of “heating.” I learned from some home shopping, among the people of the cloth of choice, in addition to texture, color has become an important factor in red warm-dominated more popular.

Carpet soft cloth, such as selling goods loaded

And building materials market, compared to the cold, the end of the market, domestic supply and marketing of soft decoration booming left many businesses do Kai-yan. A person in charge at the market said: “From the proportion of consumption can be seen on the soft decoration customer input is growing. In particular, to the end of the year, which consume more evident.” At present, including carpets, curtains and cloth, The soft mattress, including decorative pieces are gradually warming up. Tian Lin, who lives in the way of Miss Han told reporters: “My family’s style of the decoration is a simple modern type, in addition to the need of laying on the floor, appliances, cabinets, almost no other hardware equipment. Therefore, the soft jewelry has become a focus of home. Do not look a year in sporadic Replacement, carefully Suanxia Lai ultimately, to spend five or six thousand yuan. “Mr. Liu told reporters that members of the public, is the home of the shop floor tiles, winter, the house always feel slightly cold meaning that if the pieces of carpet shop at home, not only to ease the cold tone And also to enhance the sense of three-dimensional. On the other hand, Mr. Liu is also considering the purchase of carpet to the safety of children. In his view, such as bathroom space, it needs to buy a piece of non-slip carpet.

Cleverly arranged so that the warmth of home more

Mr. Guo said to the writer, in the winter, the use of some soft material comfort, warm tone significant furniture and home accessories for space to set up their equipment can create a more warm atmosphere at home, bring warmth, so as to reduce the cold on people’s lives and Mental stimulation. After the winter, people in their daily lives when they come into contact with most of the furniture will feel the cold, hard, cold makes it even more strongly, and individual wood, metal furniture edges and corners of the human body is also easy to cause unnecessary harm, and thus the need for the winter Of furniture to do some adjustments as far as possible to choose some of the soft texture of the furniture, bedroom can be soft and moist cloth and leather and fabric made from the sofa-bed, or on the sofa, beds and other furniture to add a layer of the surface of a soft touch and comfortable decoration, If the wooden sofa put on a cloth sofa sets, beds on the white carpet in sheep’s clothing, to the table, a table covered with fine patterns are printed on the tablecloth, and so on. In this way, we come into contact with the furniture will feel particularly soft, comfortable, felt warmth.