Hotan carpets woven on a happy life colorful peasants Road

Hetian County in Xinjiang Turpan the town of Bagh its All classes of Peony carpet factory, the Chinese New Year holiday period, to the joy of labor farmers Hetian Spring ahead-woven carpets. A needle injections, first-line line, weaving out of the New Year’s blessing, woven out of the joy of harvest, weaving out of hope for the future.

All mentioning spit carpet factory has 48 aircraft carpet, carpet weaving 320 workers, annual output of 2500 square meters carpet. Early in January, he signed with overseas businessmen 2000 square meters of carpet sales contract. As a result of insufficient manpower, but as soon as possible in order to delivery, during the Spring Festival, he organized a number of farmers in the carpet weaving factory.

All ban spit said: “Lane did not live in winter and lose no time in more than a few carpet weaving, multi- more to the work of the folks here have issued more wages.”

Festivals in Hotan, there are many like spit put together such farmers in the busy carpet weaving. Carpet pieces, one after another colorful, colorful, like the lives of farmers like the rich and colorful. Mrs Janie carpet weaving workers to buy plans to open , said: “This pattern is called ‘Peony’, a symbol of happiness. Meaning the days of our people like the same peony is booming.”

Wada handmade wool carpet more than 2,000 years of history, favored by domestic and foreign businessmen. In recent years, the Hotan area for farmers carpet donated aircraft to increase the varieties, such as measures to improve the dyeing process, vigorously develop the carpet industry, so that the carpet industry booming, prices and production soared all the way. At present, carpet weaving households in the region of 3.5 million, employing up to 58,000 people, with an annual output reached 816,000 square meters, the output value of 4 million yuan. Product sales United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and many other countries and regions.

Hotan carpets in the world, but also to weave a colorful farmers happy life Road, carpet has become a rich local farmers an important industry. Is expected to “Eleventh Five-Year” at the end of the carpet has 100,000 employees, and annual output will reach 1.2 million square meters.