How to choose aubusson rugs?

Carpet better indoor growth. But the selection of aubusson rugs, note the following several points: 1, touch the aubusson rugs surface to see if fallen hair; cannot buy the aubusson rugs of hair or hair a lot, note knotted pile is not strong, will be a lot of hair removal. 2, turn the back of the aubusson rugs, see preparing aubusson rugs, is also pasting aubusson rugs, paste the aubusson rugs long, large loss hair. Hand-knitted aubusson rugs too loose is not the best. 3, hand-picked up the fallen hair, match point, if the smell of a smell of hair, hand twist about ash, if a breaking of twist, it is pure wool blankets, while combustion while melting, it is the chemical fiber rug, aubusson rugs, easily ash, dust, is not easy to clean. Because of the price is different in different parts of the aubusson rugs, you and the dealer negotiating.