How to Clean Carpet

What carpet cleaning summer coup? Elasticity good carpet appearance, take care of them is heavy. However, timely and clean, well maintained, carpet for a long life. The summer use, should try to avoid direct sunlight to avoid high aging fade. The surface fibers of carpet easy to accumulate dust and should always use a vacuum cleaner under the leadership of Mao Shun. It is noteworthy that, when cleaning Do not use toothed tools or rough edges to avoid damaging the fibers of the carpet surface. If there is a wool carpet in front, you can wipe with a towel soaked in warm water, use a comb to comb the hair straight after flat irons wet pavement-shun, restore the status quo ante. In addition, if placed on the carpet, the furniture should be placed cushion or frequently move furniture. Wash rice Views Preferably two or three times Taomi too many times, will be the loss of supply of rice? Time to wash rice too long, otherwise the rice more odor adsorption, the more nutrients are lost. Wash the rice when you must act fast, light, water from washing rice should be emptied as soon as possible, the number two or three times more appropriately. Select Lighting What advice Home decor, how to buy lamps? Choose a light, it is preferable to give priority to basic lighting. For example, the lounge is a place of hospitality, was asked to create a warm and lively, you can choose bright, rich and beautiful lamps, mostly of lamps, ceiling lamp, wall lamp base; room is the remainder of the comfort zone, choose a soft, strong and decorative lighting is adequate, usually table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp base; application of colorful children’s room for children to create a space moderated and secure, the proposed selection of chandeliers, ceiling lamps. Toilets should select the concise, with waterproof lamps are generally based on the wall, ceiling-based; kitchen should select the style simple and easy to clean and easy to clean the lamps. In addition, the lighting of the area should be coordinated with the overall style of the decoration. For example, crystal lamps shining bright contrast luxurious style, natural materials, natural lighting give a sense of simplicity, we can decorate their own preferences. In color matching, we should pay attention to light and the colors complement each other, through a combination of lights to create the colors needed for different seasons.