How to identify advantages and disadvantages of the pure wool rug

The pure wool rug, has higher decorative features, you can beautify the room, and warm and comfortable. Its craft varieties are hand-made aubusson rugs, woven blankets, glue back aubusson rugs, hemp back blanket. Under normal circumstances, hand-made aubusson rugs pattern novel, higher prices, woven aubusson rugs quality stable, relatively lower price. Glue back aubusson rugs for moisture-proof; background blanket is more durable. Main features of the high quality of the pure wool rug: 1) raw materials: use of fine wool, hair long, even, soft, comfortable, flexible, no hard, burning hair smell of burning. 2) appearance: clear appearance, pile full of shiny, colorful uniform pattern structured, positive plush dense, soft, elastic, inverted. 3) sense of feet: foot comfort, no adhesion, and soon after stepping on to revert good rebound performance. 4) technology: advanced technology, weaving joint bonded reliable, aubusson rugs surface, and line rules, fewer needle and leakage defect. Carpet fiber density, aubusson rugs heavier, wear-resistant and durable, easily fallen hair, fluff lodging difficult. Carpet edge rules, straight. 5) trademarks: trademarks, manufacturers name is complete. The pure wool rug of brand-name products in China mainly in Xinjiang brand