How to improve quality of embroidery pattern design

People who have used embroidery machine, usually experienced embroidery embroidery effect out of the original formation of larger differences, and does not quickly solve such problems. To this end, we specifically on how to improve the quality of embroidery embroidery to origin of the root. First of all you have to consider a embroidered fabrics and shapes, if embroidered deformation, you should consider using shrinkage-compensating to shape the correct embroidery or sewing embroidery needle under the fabric will need to use trace to achieve stability. Use automatic joint and contraction compensation, short needle, fine tune the values and smart corner to achieve the placement of the needle mark smooth, uniform, and eliminate gaps in the pattern design, the following more specific solutions. 1. Before you can use automatic seam in filling needle trace embroidery needle under mark to stabilize the fabric or prevent embroidery threads in fabric. Best types of joints used depends on the fabric, size and shape of the fill type of needle mark. Large areas such as knitted elastic fabric and bump material than smaller regional and hard fabric such as Twill or leather more need to use the seam. 2. Use of shrinkage compensation in place needle embroidery needle through fabric stain the fabric to the lira (in acjt direction contraction). This may make the fabric folds, fabric at the same time there will be gaps. Automatic contraction compensation is embroidery needle through fabric on the sides of “excessive embroidery” filling needle shape outline, so automatic contraction compensation to offset the adverse outcome of this fold and create gaps. Experienced architects can also process when objects overlap (that is, when the stroke on the stroke of a point), shrinkage-compensating with manual methods. 3. Minimize the needle mark in the uplift of a curve or corner you can also fine-tune the value or short pin reduction step to reduce needle mark. Sharp outer edge will cause the needle mark uplift along the inner edge. When the shape is embroidery, embroidery threads caused broken. Longer the needles trace, this problem is more serious. Values on fine tuning curve shapes, so that pin track density along the external and internal sides. Bend object using the short needle to reduce the density of bent needle mark on the inside of the object. 4. Reduced-PIN at the cusp point traces of uplift in the shape of a sharp corner points the needle mark and needle trace point uplift, on the fabric form the hard part, and may also damage fabrics or broken embroidered needle. Use smart corner can help you input a and input method in the c object control a sharp corner. There are two types: beveled joints corner corner and Cap. 5. When adjusting the needle mark density scale or do not scale using PIN trace processors to adjust pin track density. When you use a different fabric or embroidery threads, or to reduce production costs, which will make you feel less embroidery needle mark.