How to maintain aubusson rugs

Wool rug: 1, require periodic drying ¨C attention is “cured”, and not in direct sunlight, otherwise it will fade. 2, needs regular cleaning to a professional cleaning stores. 3, wool to remove the dust mite collection to place when pest control agents, but the best pest control agents do not touch the aubusson rugs itself, to prevent corrosion. 4, distinction between wool aubusson rugs wool quality is good or bad depends on feel soft, glossy look. The length of the wool fiber used are not the same, along the same direction a little friction with your hands, you’ll find long fibre wool not fallen hair, or only a slight loss hair and short fiber wool blanket will be out floating phenomenon of blocks. Silk aubusson rugs: 1, go to the professional clean shop clean. 2, avoid exposure to corrosive things, such as washing powder and water, juice, etc. 3, silk aubusson rugs is not easy to the insect. 4, stained the water may be fading. The chemical fiber rug: 1, basically without any professional maintenance, simply vacuum cleaner to a week. 2, can be washed. If it is a small piece of aubusson rugs, you can take a bath, put it in with you at the foot “showers”, you clean it clean. Maintenance of aubusson rugs like a maintenance wife select aubusson rugs color, in addition to personal preferences, a momentum and personal habits has to tie in with the space walk, plain and there is no pattern of aubusson rugs, generally easier to reveal dirt , footprints. Choose a better quality aubusson rugs, because high quality aubusson rugs are processed specially in the production process in General, anti-fouling, dust-proof, wear-resistant and can provide guarantees. Frequent areas most vulnerable to pollution, and stain will spread to other parts of the Interior, so should be in the vestibule import and reset a small rug, rub shoes dust, can reduce dust accumulation and dissemination. Carpet after contact with chemicals, chemical stains or there may have faded, therefore, to avoid contamination of aubusson rugs general family commonly usedchemicals, such as bleach, pest control, clean water and skin care products, in addition to aubusson rugs cannot for long exposure to direct sunlight, otherwise it will appear faded. Carpets need cleaning because hidden plot in a aubusson rugs of dust will cause wear to the fiber, and the color of the aubusson rugs was gray, walking in the Hall, corridors, and frequent places, dust should be two to three times a week , bedroom should also at least cleaning once a week. Selection of vacuum cleaners and vacuum methods also affect the clean effect, equipped with rotating dust brush of vacuum cleaners, you can more effectively absorb dust in net weaving. Vacuum when promoting the vacuum cleaner slowly, action should be pushed forward dust brush, pulled and pushed forward again. In addition to scheduled vacuuming or laying aubusson rugs dry cleaning after a period of time, using clean aubusson rugs dry cleaning on their own; about every two years or so, cleaning companies should employ door-to-door for aubusson rugs cleaning, to ensure that the aubusson rugs lasting new.