How to pick aubusson rugs of Xinjiang?

If you don’t know how to pick aubusson rugs, use such a simple method to choose our aubusson rugs: first, opened the back aubusson rugs; second, to expand its aubusson rugs inside; three is look at the way it drum up aubusson rugs folded, and the way to roll up the aubusson rugs to see it up. Prior to each aubusson er in making purchase decisions, if you know nothing about characteristics of the purchased goods, then he certainly will be a loss. 1. clearly strand twisted aubusson rugs and aubusson rugs, both tying process is almost the same, just twisted forms differ. Twisted manner than old, thin, light of the high number of aubusson rugs are made of this technology and stranded high pile density of the aubusson rugs, blanket back quite real, generally found in soft and thick aubusson rugs, also saying goes high or low number of points. In the back of the aubusson rugs to see white parallels a road that is open back aubusson rugs, it is stranded aubusson rugs. 2. color the aubusson rugs tiles in bright light, watching the aubusson rugs color to coordinate, where not stain, and Harmonia, dye should be uniform, taboo suddenly concentrated light. From color also clearly on sources of raw materials, such as the New Zealand wool long, and is a white, easy to dye, color of higher; some domestic wool fibers shorter, the color yellow, color will be relatively poor. 3. pattern compositions to complete as a whole, patterned lines to clear round, of color to the color profile you want to clear. 4. the aubusson rugs surface, high quality aubusson rugs surface of the aubusson rugs is not only flat, but should head key, there is no default defects. The three principles of selection of aubusson rugs with the cooler weather, both warm and decorative aubusson rugs are people of all ages. On the market, different materials of the aubusson rugs, at the time of purchase, durable, beautiful, easy to clean as the three principles of consumer. According to reports, the aubusson rugs of quality, in addition to fiber characteristics and processing, density, weight of wool and cashmere fiber, rubbing twisting methods are relationship. More plush the more dense and thick, plush heavier in weight per unit area, aubusson rugs texture and appearance of the more able to maintain good, basically, short, dense weave aubusson rugs is more durable. Consumers at the time of check, using the thumb on the aubusson rugs, as finished after rapid restitution of, means that density and elastic woven cashmere better; or bend the aubusson rugs. More difficult to see the end of mat, plush knitting more dense, more durable. Consumers buy aubusson rugs, stressed and matching of interior space, General aubusson rugs are bear a label describing the environment should be treated with and the ability to withstand about frequency. When selected, should pay attention to laying position and size the amount of walking. Area moving around frequently, such as vestibule, Hall, it is necessary to use higher density, wear-resistant aubusson rugs (such as short round down); low activity areas such as bedrooms, you can choose higher plush, soft aubusson rugs (plush); while the stairs to choose durable, no-slip type. Cleaning aubusson rugs has always let moms have a headache, so special attention at the time of purchase to, plain and there is no pattern of aubusson rugs stains and footprints revealed more easily; cut pile aubusson rugs plot is usually emerges in blanket of dust on the surface, show the dirt, but dust dirt easily cleaned and cashmere are easy at the end of aubusson rugs dust, more difficult to clear.