How to silk and silk?

When you purchase goods, we certainly hope that “a penny a minute.” For silk, and we often feel upset, a price at around $ 50 clothing, also are hawkers hawking as “silk”, we must guard this time, it is not a pure silk, do not spend the money to buy the fake. Today, we have to introduce consumers to select and purchase silk tips. 1, colors. Silk color must not be too bright. Because the silk ingredients are pale white, so despite the current technology was developed, dyeing technique is also high, but silk color will not be too exaggerated; 2, touch of the hand. When you touch of silk, feel very smooth, very soft, true silk texture comparison of floating soft; 3, effect of combustion. A silk Burns, does not have a strong flavor, and can be burned without leaving any ashes, but chemical fiber and chemical fiber silk mixture to achieve such an effect.