How to solve the weft of the fabric shrinkage

Currently many GA74 rapier loom weft shrink and the hundred foot difficult. If you want to fix it, we should first understand the cause of it. Kinky weft: mainly weft no tension and as a result of beating up no matter. Solution a is the most critical approach is a comprehensive early time (opening hours). Centipede: mainly weft does not reach the selvedge or reach the warp and edge yarn clamping edge but had not been caused by the resulting rebound. Solutions are also comprehensive early time (open). When looms good mechanical properties in case of Kinky weft and hundred feet is not difficult, but if there were two different in fully mechanized, the gu can’t disregard the second situation appears, edge of Kinky weft and hundred feet hard to repair most of the reason is here, this master is also a lot of maintenance headache. Two mixed comprehensive is the most direct cause leading (Dobby). In the case of two mixer’s control in fully mechanized, only postpone the comprehensive, elongated weft to resolve, once so that it would lead to inevitable weft waste, increased cost to the enterprise. 10*10, weft density 36 Wei, each weft waste 1cm calculation, waste every metre of cloth 1417.32cm, what about a pan head? How much a year to do a pan head? Count down would be a staggering figure Ah! Leading is solving the difficult challenges of controlling a weft of waste, that is, saving time and saving money.