Huang Jing, Jiangsu textile industry plus shells into the spring

Recently, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province town of Juan Jinghe power consumption has increased stability, net of corporate technological power and other factors, actual consumption growth of about 5%. Canadian bomb the town of related industries that Juan Jingyang consumption growth, sent out a message: Jing Huang shells plus fiber industry has entered the spring ahead.

Huang Jing, president of Canadian Association bombs, Mr Chan Kam-Lok has an original and 32 high-speed textile machinery, and in November last year to now, the plant’s machinery all open enough horsepower. “Our state of the business, basically Huang Jing Industrial Fiber plus shells in miniature. Since December last year, international oil prices stable, the whole town of Juan Jingyang device high-speed textile machinery has reached more than 98% and has been continued until now.” Mr Chan Kam-Lok said.

Although last year’s POY and DTY filament yarn prices volatile, but Juan Jingyang enterprises increase the effectiveness of bombs than in 2007 increased by about 10%. The reason for this is Huang Jing chemical shells enterprises plus a few years ago began to upgrade technology and equipment, improve product quality and differentiation rate, enhance industrial competitiveness.

Mr Chan Kam-Lok analysis, with the National 4 trillion yuan investment in the implementation of stimulating domestic demand, this year will further increase the amount of fiber, the current town of Juan Jingyang orders received by many businesses has increased significantly. With the country on the purchase of productive machinery and equipment 14% tax rebate policy introduced, I believe the town of Juan Jingyang chemical industry will usher in a new round of investment fever.

Xuzhou Changle Qing Chemical Fiber Company bosses said that although the economic situation this year is tight, but the chemical fiber industry plus shells is relatively optimistic: “At present our company has received orders of 4500 tons, which is 3 months of production volume. ”

It is learned that some of the town of Juan Jingyang enterprises have to take the lead, began to expand investment, the purchase of machinery, to grow bigger. Production in order to guarantee stability, a number of textile mills, plus bomb factory in advance even in the pre-recruitment.