Hubei planted cotton area of 814.44 hectares

Hubei Survey Organization National Bureau of Statistics recently released report by the global financial crisis, cotton supply exceeding demand, prices fall. Plus a decline in production, costs, Hubei this year, cotton farmers benefit substantially down, and some farmers lose money.

By the market price rise last year, Hubei Province this year, all over the expansion of cultivated area, the province’s cotton-growing area of 814.44 hectares, an increase of 5.6 percent. But this year, Qi Bayue affected by typhoons and rain, plus more plant diseases and insect pests, cotton this year, the province’s total output 498,600 tons, less than the previous year 58,700 tons, 10.5 percent cut.

According to the Corps to investigate the investigation, Jingzhou, Huang Mei, Jingshan, Zhongxiang, Suizhou, and other cotton-producing areas this year by the main agricultural prices, employment costs and operating expenses increased machinery, cotton production costs rose sharply, driving up costs and 10% -50 %. Affected by financial crises, sluggish exports of textile enterprises, plus lack of domestic demand, the average purchase price of seed cotton this year than last year dropped 20%.

Jingzhou in the investigation of the 20 farmers of cotton this year, Muping net income of 510.8 yuan, compared with last year dropped 789.45 yuan, a decrease of 60.71 percent. Tianmen, Huang Mei, Suizhou cotton and other places this year, a reduction of about 50%, while the cotton growers of Jingshan, a loss of Muping 36.22 yuan, down 376.24 yuan, or 110.7 percent.