Hubei Xiaogan spun cotton prices bottomed out stock certificates issued to wait behind

Hubei Xiaogan there are 23 textile companies, there are a number of small factories, and as a result of poor sales, most small factories are at a loss to maintain the production status, the volume of cotton yarn have a non-profit sales. It is understood that a local private textile enterprises, the production situation of the first half of last year, still better, cotton stocks are maintained at about a month. Second half of last year from October to the present poor state of business, a few days ago only half of the boot, cotton stocks remain at only 3-5 days, on the production of only 10 tons of cotton, in the past to use 40 tons. And reflect, the more thanks to the production of more, can only go one step further and look forward. These mill this year is still optimistic about the situation of the textiles that the situation will be better next year, currently in storage waiting for throwing out the country, added to the corresponding part of inventory.