Hunan Province to buy cotton do not reject, not to keep the prices down, not Da Baitiao

At present, cotton has entered a new season acquisition, the purchase price of cotton remains in the doldrums. Xu Minghua, deputy governor of Hunan Province, came to the national commodity cotton base in the county – Huarong, when research requirements, supply and marketing cooperatives at all levels and enterprises in the cotton purchase of cotton when not to be rejected, not to keep the prices down, Da Baitiao not effectively protect the interests of cotton growers .

Xu Minghua has come chang cotton, cotton Yinhua professional cooperatives, and cotton enterprises, farmers had an informal discussion. Reflect the farmers by August 16 to September 4 for 20 consecutive days of rainy weather, the general decline in the yield of cotton this year. Hunan Huayin Industry Group AG cotton, linen, cotton purchase and sale price of the current upside down, a lot of cotton enterprises generally wait and see. Hua Xu pointed out that cotton is an important industry in our province, is also an important industrial raw materials, cotton work related to the vital interests of the broad masses of farmers. In the current low prices, paying particular attention to the protection of the interests of farmers. Cotton supply and marketing cooperatives at all levels and enterprises to buy cotton at the time to overcome difficulties and do not reject, not to keep the prices down, not Da Baitiao. Supply and marketing cooperatives should give full play to the main channel, the province’s cotton supply and marketing cooperative system, enterprises should conscientiously implement the relevant national cotton policy to enhance the overall sense of responsibility to take the initiative to share the Government to help farmers problem-solving, so that maximum benefit cotton growers to help Cotton farmers to increase income. The financial sector to ensure that the funds to buy cotton enterprises, and to achieve used for other purposes. He also hopes to capitalize on the current good weather, cotton, pay close attention to picking cotton, picking hours to do, keep the sub, sub-drying, the sub-sale, the source of good quality cotton.