Hunan Textile Industry actively planning measures

Adopted by the State Council to consider “the revitalization of the textile adjust planning” after the enactment of textile and garment enterprises in Hunan responded enthusiastically. Hunan Textile Industry Office Voice Tao Tang told reporters that “planning” are introduced in a “timely rain”, so expect to wait for the textile enterprises have seen the hope to overcome difficulties, indicates that the textile industry upcoming spring. To this end, the province of the industry to do publicity put implementation of the “planning” the spirit of the industry to do this job as the top priority, and made specific arrangements. First, we must vigorously promote implementation of the “planning” the spirit of full understanding of the textile industry as a pillar industry and country the most important livelihood status and role of industry. The second is policy to seize the favorable opportunities for national and local levels to support the Government’s policy. Three is to develop more targeted industries supporting the implementation of measures to enable the “planning” the spirit of the effective implementation of, and maintain the stable development of the industry.


Liberia Yiyang Hi-Tech Textile Co., Ltd. is a disaster last year, Hunan Ice the hardest-hit businesses, two-thirds of the plant collapsed, enterprise production near half a year. CAI Ya-ping, chairman told reporters at the party and the government’s care and support of people across the country, after a year of fighting, a nearly-square-meter new plant in Liberia also the rise of the earth at Yiyang. Last year, output value of Liberia’s sales of more than billion, has six patents of scientific and technological achievements by the country. “Planning” after the introduction of more enhanced the Liberian people the confidence to overcome difficulties. Liberia started the current rate of 100%, the export market and domestic market simultaneously. He said: “In the current policy of favorable conditions, we should seize the opportunity of development to make fine and stronger enterprise.”


Hemp Hunan enterprises are affected by the international financial crisis The largest-stricken area. However, when the reporter entered the Hua Sheng-dong Ma, Zhuzhou Cedar, Hanshou Guangyuan Ma industry factory, it was found that the production of these enterprises are steaming hot, busy. Huang Qing-dong Ma, chairman, told reporters: “In recent years, because we make great efforts to develop high-tech and high value-added products, and technology upgrading equipment to adapt to the international market of high-pure ramie, ultra-high support needs fabric in order to win the market. in the international financial crisis hit, we gain the initiative, the international order has not been reduced, so have a good situation today. the State Council promulgated the “revitalization of the textile adjust planning” a more enhanced our confidence to overcome difficulties, we will be in accordance with the “planning” spirit of independent innovation, technological innovation and technological progress, optimize the product structure, strengthen the independent innovation capacity and its own brand-building, the smooth implementation of sustainable development. ”


Have “Hunan dyeing a flower,” said Yuen Textile Co., Ltd. General Manager told reporters that in order to implement the “planning” the spirit of the new company from top to bottom kit emphasize skills, , transfer structure, promoting . In accordance with the “planning” co-ordinate domestic and international markets, and expand the spirit of the domestic market, the company has already exports 60 percent from the previous adjusted to 40% domestic market from the previous 40% to 60%. The company orders an adequate full-load operation of enterprises, production and sales booming.