I collect and keep the knot with antique carpet

The history of the curio carpet be apart from to invite now in 2200, it is general to is a curio carpet in 100 Portes thenning can call of, rest is all an old carpet.The big part in carpet in curio produces from national minority region,such as Xinjiang,, Tibet, neimeng , Ningxia still contain Peking.Because doing not prosper pastly to have no the machine, so curio carpet are all pure handicraft weave.The pattern of the carpet now each from of the race is characteristic because the place is different.The curio carpet kept down now is few, so it own the value of collect and keep at the same time with use value both side.Can discover now are several with too having of 80-100 yearses in carpet in curios that find outs thousand.During 150-400 years of the curio carpet is also rare, such carpet is only is barely discernable with Chinese past temple museum in Peking  surname curio carpet store. Does the curio carpet collect and keep the knot ? Collect and keep the curio carpet, apart from the demand study the carpet knowledge, various knowledges of the curio inside all also wants to involve.I can calculate the curio carpet collects and keep a turn elder generations for more earlyly, certainly and still having more elder generations, but pasts are all expert who history that state-run cultural object store, collect and keep, wash with repair the curio carpet to have had for several decades, I is from 20 year agos start collecting and keep the sale of, because I like to collect and keep postage stamp, copper money, money machine, engraving art, china, jade article…etc. since the childhood.Because suffer the economic influence, at that time of collected and keep to make money for the sake of sale primarily, make money of I liked the last curio carpet again at the same time, especially tomorrow evening in the early Ching dynasty period carpet.

At that time usually go out the neimeng ,shanxi, shanxi, Xinjiang, gansu , Qing Lake, Ningxia, Tibet etc., collect those old carpetses after coming back, has been disinfected the cleaning, display out again after repairing they sell to collectors, at that time and still do not know the level of structure that collect and keep the curio carpet at collect and keep the boundary may be tallest, because the carpet belongs to at house, decorate, furniture, many treasure space, curio a building