(ICE) Cotton futures lower Friday

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Cotton futures lower Friday due to price a view to trying to break the line-week high of failure, natural touch a small amount of selling, and the termination of this week’s rally over the past few days. Trading hours today due to holiday shortened reasons. ICE Agricultural products futures ahead of the open-outcry trading to end 1900GMT and 1915GMT electronic deals in the end, instead of the usual 1945GMT.

March cotton fell 0.18 cents CTH9, reported 46.18 cents a pound, trading at 45.50-46.45. The contract volume for 1588, to 915 Wednesday. Swiss Financial Services, said of Stevens, the cycle of cotton Has been in an upward trend, but in view price break on Monday failed high of 46.45 after the energy dissipated. “Trading today for the three and a half years to the light, (after the failure of Chonggao) started down,” he said, “cotton At 9 and 21-day moving average (45.47 and 45.12) Agency support the existence of resistance in the 50-day moving average level of 46.40. “