In 2008 China’s textile industry market conditions

 In 2008 China’s textile industry is an extraordinary year, the CPI in the first half of the continued high, tight regulation and control policy, sub-loan crisis of the show so that the rapid development of the textile industry heavy burden; in the second half The real estate market continued to decline, GDP growth slow-down, sub-loan crisis to financial crisis is undermining the evolution of the textile industry to promote development.

Under the pressure of multiple textile industry, there have been several major market phenomenon:

A phenomenon: The store is not optimistic. Since October, the supermarkets have carried out a variety of promotional strategies, all play a “discount, Fanquan” slogans, but no apparent effect of warmed up. Recently, B & Q, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao some of the stores are closed or evacuated, on-site business a loss of 70%, Chengdu HomeMart shop quietly withdraw from the 2006 games, Beijing has also closed shop Xi Sanqi phenomenon. It appears that companies do not, more stores do not.

Two phenomena: orders for export enterprises to reduce speed. The U.S. economy, the situation changes, some export enterprises are faced with rising production costs, furniture export contracts signed between order and other factors of uncertainty. Some of the show this year, the United States dare not signing businessman, I do not know dollar to be devalued, to what extent; Chinese companies dare not signing, I do not know to what extent the appreciation of the renminbi. Therefore, the profits of exporters led to the decline in business is facing a severe test.

Three phenomena: the existence of the market as a result of the cut-throat competition. As the lower reaches of the real estate industry, its growth and operating performance and not real estate, but the internal overheating, blind, expansion of the extensive operation was higher than the momentum of real estate, from a certain degree, these companies “winter event” Prior to the blind expansion is a result of wanton prices, the most direct cut-throat competition.

On the whole, this year, the market did not do. That is, in such a market situation, so that exposed some shortcomings, so that they can take this opportunity to regulate the market look to the real “cards”.

Prediction: Home market conditions next year

Subject to a variety of factors, some of the textile enterprises can not imagine the market next year, did not dare to transition easily, just to stabilize the status quo, to wait and see. The continuing financial crisis has increased awareness of the risk of their enterprises, most of the country on a grand scale from the expansion to contraction care front. 4 trillion national investment to expand domestic demand and protect the start of housing construction, the development of the rural market for the textile enterprises in developed markets provides a new direction for guiding. Textile industry appears to be in the dark to find a bright location.

Many business decision-makers are concerned about this issue, the textile industry, “winter” in the end how long? Next year will continue for “cool”? An industry veteran who once said that “no off-season market, only the sense of off-season.” Indeed, the hard market, companies will have to live. It was the “crisis” that the opening of “danger” and “machine” in the same, the more the market is in dire straits, the more the hidden opportunities.

Forecast: Perhaps at this time of transition is a good opportunity

The United States caused by the global economic crisis may not end in a short period of time, is bound to affect the export industry. To deal with the crisis and the future of the international market instability, the imminent transition, as we all eyes will stare at a time when exports might turn around and look at the domestic market. At present, the country has issued a series of measures to deal with the crisis, to save the domestic market. Including the real estate industry also has some of the initiatives, which will no doubt the real estate industry has improved in a depressed state, and the downstream textile industry will also be a boost in confidence. In addition, the country will be in a variety of ways to restore consumer confidence, such as pay policies, promote consumption and so on, a huge domestic consumer market can not be ignored, at this time to the domestic market would be a good opportunity.

Prediction II: Home team will streamline and standardize the market

One industry source said there were “at the end there will be a large number of businesses die.” For enterprises, this is a bad thing, but to think, in turn, would like to high-speed ahead for the textile industry, this is a good thing. In the face of the economic crisis, a large number of small enterprises will be out cards to promote the textile industrial structure optimization and market share of the re-demarcation.

Prediction three: the overall market growth rate will slow down

As the cards industry, enterprise restructuring and optimizing the industrial structure and so on are continuing, the textile industry at the moment on the market will not return to previous growth rate, the time gap may be a few months It may be longer. This is not just depend on the textile market in itself, but also external factors. However, the country has taken a positive macro-control measures for 2009 and future market place of new hope.