In 2008 the plight of the Japanese chemical fiber enterprises

Just past Japan in 2008 for chemical fiber enterprises is not a calm year, experienced a sharp fall in crude oil prices, consumer downturn and the sharp appreciation of the yen, as well as sweeping through the global financial crisis. Most of the Japanese chemical fiber manufacturing enterprises that, in 2009 the outlook is not optimistic, there are some companies and even adjusted the long-term planning. In this context, the capacity of enterprise managers will be an unprecedented test.

Toray, Teijin and other large chemical fiber production enterprises invariably said that in 2009 the situation of chemical fiber enterprises will be more severe, the economic recovery take longer. Toyobo general manager of the company also said that the chemical fiber industry downturn to continue for at least two years, it is necessary to do a good job of “long-term winter” mentally prepared. Unitika Onishi, general manager of audio text will be targeting the U.S. financial system, that by the time loan crisis triggered by U.S. financial crisis was caused by the global economic downturn, the chief culprit, and the automobile industry and electronics industry downturn will inevitably affect the chemical fiber production industry.

The prospect of the industry based on the pessimistic forecast, the Japanese chemical fiber enterprises have to cut expenditure, attention to cash flow in 2009 as a focus of the work. Mitsubishi Rayon plans in the next 2 years the implementation of ¥ 10,000,000,000 scale “to reduce spending plans”; Unitika also stressed that “there is no need to expand the sales force”; Toyobo said “will increase the efficiency of asset management, investment, operating capital and inventory reduced to a minimum. ” However, the enterprise also said the new technology, new product development to continue to increase investment and so on, can not .