In 2009 the first year, Guangdong textile industry will be held in Guangdong

In the current global financial crisis against the backdrop of growing, how to alleviate the financial crisis on the real economy, the impact of the crisis in the survival and development of the vast number of dyeing and printing, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries such as issues of common concern.

In order to meet this extraordinary period of the special requirements of additives to enhance the production of enterprises and printing and dyeing and finishing industries and raw materials suppliers to communicate and promote the whole industry cooperation and exchanges to develop new products and the application of new technologies in order to have independent intellectual property rights of high – value-added new products to enhance the market competitiveness of products, to jointly deal with the financial crisis, Guangdong textile industry associations and the China Textile Engineering Society by the study, scheduled for February 16, 2009 in Shunde, Guangdong jointly held the first session of the Guangdong Textile help annual meeting of the trade.

30 years of reform and opening up, Guangdong textile industry in the grasp of the market economy institution-building and post-WTO quota system abolished, textile printing and dyeing enterprises rapid development of two historic opportunity after it has been a tremendous development. Guangdong Province to promote the textile industry, stable and rapid development and long-term prosperity, Guangdong textile industry association in March 2008 was officially established. Associations and entrepreneurs in the industry for their hard work and tireless efforts of a number of auxiliary enterprises in Guangdong Province have become the industry is very powerful and representative of well-known enterprises and promote the local economy and industry development of economic progress.

Industry experts will be invited to the Annual Meetings of the domestic textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries and to discuss industry trends and new technology development and finishing, auxiliary new products, new processes, new technology development and its application in production, textile auxiliaries of the domestic and international market demand for sales and information analysis and research, as well as imports and exports of textile auxiliaries for the exchange of relevant environmental regulations and interpretation.

Annual Meeting will be held on the thousands of textile auxiliaries of new products to display the fruits of new technologies to arrange auxiliaries and raw materials suppliers and other enterprises to carry out new products auxiliaries to display the results of new technologies to promote enterprise, to display the brand with the samples; Organization dyeing and finishing, printing and dyeing business representatives to visit, for the supply and demand side technology and trade negotiations, information communication, counterparts to carry out technological exchanges and technical cooperation. Through related companies released the results of high-tech and patent, trade negotiations, such as cooperation in the transfer of activities to promote transformation of the industry and technological exchanges and comprehensively push forward scientific and technological innovation industries.