In November 2008, New York, ICE cotton futures market trend

November 2008 ICE Futures Exchange in New York cotton futures prices were mixed compared with last month. December 2008 contract at the end of (11.28) to close at 45.75 cents, at the end of last month (10.31) of 44.29 cents up 146 points, but with the end of last year (07.11.30) of the 1245 loss of 58.20 cents points; 2009 At the end of March contract closed at 47.91 cents, at the end of last month’s 48.53 cents or 62 points, slightly higher than last year with 63.46 cents at the end of the 1555-point loss; in May 2009 at the end of the contract to close at 47.86 each, at the end of last month The 246 fell 50.32 cents, a year earlier than the end of the 1732 loss of 65.18 points for every point.

Nov. 28 seven spot cotton in the spot market (slm 1-1/16 “) the average price of 44.69 cents, at the end of last month’s 334 rose 41.35 cents, compared with last year with 57.40 cents at the end of the 1271-point loss. Current year The highest average price in the spot market in August 1, 2008 of 62.69 cents; year low in November 11, 2008 of 36.28 cents.

In addition, the Far East Cotlook A Index is reported on November 28 cents at 57.10 and 57.05 at the end of the previous month and up 5 cents, but with the end of last year’s loss of 69.35 cents at 1225.

2008 10 27 – 31, ICE Futures Exchange in New York cotton futures contracts compared with last week continued to drop. December 2008 contract at the highest point of the week Tuesday (11.04) of 46.89 cents, the lowest point on Friday (11.07) of 42.00 cents, the oscillation rate of 489 points. Monday, the external factors of instability and bad market seems to be weakening, the Chicago Futures Exchange grain market short-covering market, ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton closed moderately higher. Tuesday, the emergence of short-covering prices, a weak dollar to stimulate stronger commodities, cotton and follow the trend, closing sharply higher, 12 contract closed at its highest point in four trading days. Tuesday the U.S. presidential election results, commodity trading situation may be even more clear, the dollar is likely to remain slack contribute to the trend of soft commodities. Wednesday, continued economic instability in the clouds disperse, investors fled the market or look out, commodities and stock market fell, ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton also escape, fell close. The existence of market panic and instability in the trading environment, and there is no sign of slowing, investors exit the business. Thursday, with the options-related selling overwhelmed the market, and the commodity market and stock market weakness made worse Cotton City, ICE U.S. cotton futures market closed early in 2005 fell to the lowest point since. Friday, the market’s sell-off in general, as well as options-related selling pressure on pricing, ICE U.S. cotton futures closed near four-year low

2008 11 10 -14 days, ICE Futures Exchange in New York cotton futures contracts compared with last week continued to test a low. December 2008 contract at the highest point of the week Monday (11.10) of 44.10 cents on Wednesday to the lowest point (11.12) of 37.05 cents oscillation margin widened to 705 points. Monday, the effects of exposure to external markets, ICE U.S. cotton futures hit 6-year intraday low, but recovered to close part of the loss. Tuesday, the weakness in the markets around the city of cotton on the pressure and at the same time the economic downturn and weak demand, the U.S. cotton futures closed plummeted again after 6 years into the corner. Cotton will continue to work with each other echoes the trend of commodity and the dollar on the contrary, the demand will continue to contain cotton futures market. When the economy is tight, consumers tend to reduce the textile procurement, the United States and demand for cotton will be reduced accordingly. Wednesday, ICE U.S. cotton futures closed mixed in early trading the most active December contract to rebound from a 6-year, closed up a modest, and the March contract was down moderately. On Dec. -3 spread narrowing of the oversold situation increased buying interest in technology.
Thursday, the U.S. cotton futures closed higher, technical buying market, investors in the first notice day one after another before the December contract position after the shift. Technology to do more in the energy market extremely oversold condition the surface. While the market rebound, but fell by Cotton trend has not changed. Friday, ICE period of U.S. cotton closed mixed, with investors in December the position rolled forward contracts at the same time covering short positions. This week, prices fell below the important psychological barrier of 40 cents seriously oversold market and attract technical buying. In addition, a weaker U.S. dollar also do more to stimulate a small amount of popularity

2008 11 17 -21 days, ICE Futures Exchange in New York cotton futures contracts compared with last week’s weakness in a row. March 2009 contract at the highest point of the week Monday (11.17) of 42.98 cents, the lowest point on Thursday (11.20) of 39.40 cents, the oscillation rate of 358 points. Monday, a strong dollar, weak crude oil, the Chicago Futures Exchange test the food, to put pressure on cotton, ICE U.S. cotton futures closed down period. December contract over the weekend is the first notice day on December -3 contract transaction price investors continue to be sought after. Tuesday, after investors continue to show Contract, and in the first days notice prior to the adjustment of positions, as the oversold market, prices rebounded, ICE cotton futures closed slightly higher. Wednesday, ICE cotton futures closed mixed, although most of the cotton futures contracts strong, but deep down by the dollar stabilized and the stock market decline, most of the cotton futures contract rose in early trading most of the city-taking. Thursday, a comprehensive environmental goods and the global economic downturn and concern to put pressure on the cotton market, ICE cotton futures contract closed at the lowest lowered. The U.S. dollar against major world currencies firm, in January crude oil lost 8.7 percent, the Wall Street stock market weakness, to stimulate speculative fund selling goods on a large scale. Composite deterioration of the economic indicators, indicating the economy can not improve soon, economic activity in the near future may continue to weaken. Chinese cotton demand, unemployment and wages to force consumers to cut spending. October imports of Chinese cotton 96,000 tons, year-on-year reduction of approximately 30%. Friday, the market is oversold situation, the lack of selling, at the same time there is a large undertaking December delivery contract, to provide support to the market, ICE cotton futures closed up sharply. Cargill take the first notice day in 1720 Jiaoge Dan’s 1652 single, strong message to the market, take note of those who believe that cotton prices value for money. In the face of intense turmoil on Wall Street and the trend of crude oil, cotton able to firmly hold onto its gains, impressive. Although the market rose Friday, but cotton futures may continue to maintain the range of oscillation patterns, as the price has contract fell to a new low, so down the limited space at the same time adjustment of the world cotton price per pound at 34.64 cents, up space was curtailed.

2008 11 24 -28 days, ICE Futures Exchange in New York cotton futures contracts compared with last week’s sharp rebound. March 2009 contract when the highest point in the week Friday (11.28) of 48.00 cents, the lowest point on Monday (11.24) of 41.93 cents, widening the range of oscillation to 607 points. Monday, the U.S. government reports of the financial giant Citibank plans to assume some of the losses, people feel their economic situation stabilized, the demand for goods and the stock market with a big bang, at the same time, a major cotton to undertake a large number of contracts for delivery in December, indicating the existence of market demand, ICE cotton futures closed A two-week high. Obama was elected president of the United States economy key members of the team also announced increased confidence in the market. Tuesday, the economic situation in the volatile stock market crash, followed by cotton. World financial situation of tension, textile consumers to reduce consumption, is expected to reduce the overall demand for goods. Some people think the contract in March in the bottom 39.23 cents, but the critical point in the stock market. At the same time, the United States in the 2009-10 crop planting intentions will be the next U.S. cotton indicator.

Wednesday, the economic situation improves, the market needs to see substantive, the U.S. city of cotton climbed to its highest point in two weeks. Cotton prices plummeted in recent months, partly because of economic recession, consumers are expected to reduce the pressure on the textile procurement. Thursday, the Thanksgiving holidays with the transaction. Friday, short of energy and lack of technology curve in the market to provide strong support for U.S. cotton futures ended mixed, closed in December yin, yang close in March. The market is oversold to stimulate some technical buying. Cotton will pay close attention to macro-economic indicators. From the overall economic outlook for the stock market and looking for direction. If the external market is down, especially in the stock market, cotton futures may continue to hit record lows. The strength of Cargill’s cotton business to undertake a contract for delivery in December, the market has played the role of psychological support.

As of Wednesday (11.26), ICE cotton stocks to reduce the 10,436 packages to 918,591 the total package, stock registration packets 5467, 9328 reversal stock package. ICE Cotton 1236 to reduce the amount of disk space hand in hand to total 126,921.