India 2008/09 cotton arrival cumulative number of approximately 9.98 million packets

India 2008/09 cotton output at about 23 million bags, reported a decrease from the previous month one million packets, or 4 percent, over last year to reduce output 1.6 million bags, or 7%. Acreage of approximately 9,350,000 hectares, representing a decrease of 200,000 hectares, or 2 percent, yields about 536 kilograms / ha, representing a decrease of 4%.

According to the U.S. Agricultural Affairs in New Delhi Overseas Office report, the area under cultivation this year, lower than last year because of delayed planting, some land switch to other crops. In India the central and southern parts, due to inadequate rainfall in July, planting was delayed. Planting window time. In addition, some farmers decided to short-season planting, early maturing cotton varieties. Generally, these varieties yield less than the full-year growth of varieties.

In northern India the main irrigation area, planting area reduced by 17% over the previous year, local farmers switching to other crops, such as coarse grains. Picking cotton progresses smoothly, picking season weather is conducive to the work of cotton picking. However, the market arrival of the slow progress, lower than last year. Cotton Corporation of India report, to January 3, 2009, the number of cumulative arrival about 9.98 million (U.S. package weight), over the same period of the arrival of 12.7 million package to reduce the number of 21%.