India cotton “the suddenness of a thunderbolt,” to occupy Chinese import market

India cotton “the suddenness of a thunderbolt” in the Chinese import market with more and more market share, more and more Chinese textile enterprises procurement of cotton in India, a growing number of domestic cotton to India to participate in the cotton Operation, it is also more and more on the international market as a whole. Looking back three years and gradually a large number of India to enter the Chinese market, India’s booming cotton to the cotton involved a lot of people bring a profit, but also to the small number of people hurt bring. In that case, India Cotton, who hurt them?

First, the vast majority of India’s cotton business to do business quite satisfactory, but a very small number of bad faith cotton, the damage to a number of agents and buyers of local cotton and India’s interests.

Trade, claims there is the inevitable question is, not surprisingly perhaps, the most China’s largest cotton importing countries, in the face of all kinds of cotton trade dispute is also used to trade the whole business has been proceeding quite smoothly. However, there are parts of the Indian cotton does not do business abide by the rules, which include the quality of cotton but Yicichonghao hard, heavy short, the claim for payment and commission agents and buyers to the loss, it also led to the other India Cotton business by unfair competition.

Second, India and the U.S. cotton cotton to seize market share, the United States by the “Yingshang.” From map summarized in the following four, cotton in India since the end of 2005, China sold a large number of years, the annual pace of the U.S. cotton sales were restricted, mainly in the period between the month 11-4. At present, India’s 2007/08 cotton so far there is no part of the sold out, mainly determined by market conditions, but also the buyer of cotton in the late India has no confidence in the quality of the relationship between the United States at this time of the cotton marketing cotton is better compared to India , To make up for vacancies in the market, but beyond that, the United States and some of the initial sales of cotton was down by India’s cotton. A large number of cotton in India, China entry, the United States and in China’s cotton import share remained at 60 percent more than in the past three years, the average share of 45%, while India rose from level 0 to 20%.

The rival India for cotton, cotton believe that the operation of the United States and cotton are the very feelings. U.S. cotton in China and India cotton market in China, Wang procurement is not the situation, will become more intense.

Third, India’s cotton trade prospects.

India’s cotton production and trade in the future there will be changes in what it? Here I simply look ahead.

Production, cotton production in India than China, the world’s first production of cotton, sooner or later. India cotton area is currently higher than the Chinese about 50% of the output of China than about 30% less, even if Chinese production remained stable, India’s cotton production capacity can not be, with its yield rising as long as the area remained stable output over China It is absolutely possible. Consumption, the capacity of its domestic cotton consumption has gradually increased in recent years has been maintained at the level of 4,000,000 tons, with the competitiveness of their textile increased consumption will be gradually expanded to more than 4,000,000 tons, 5,000,000 tons, or Is more than 6,000,000 tons, is not impossible.

Although India in the future of cotton production and sales in its domestic market to balance, but a short period of time, India has more than 100 cotton of 10,000 tons for export, of which about 70% of exports to China. In trade with China, India’s domestic cotton sales to its credibility will play a key role in Sino-Indian trade in cotton will be two trends, one in India to participate in the acquisition, processing and trade integration in the international business of cotton India’s cotton growing control efforts, Chinese enterprises from more accustomed to big multinational companies such as procurement in the hands of foreign cotton; Second, the two sides to expand direct procurement surface, it is necessary to establish the credibility of both sides, if that part of India’s Shuazha Cotton can act according to the contract, to conduct direct trade on the one hand, be able to save some of the intermediate links, the seller’s profit will be greater. On the other hand, if this trend are not put things in order, India’s domestic cotton to the overall decline in credit will affect their own interests.

In the current trade and international cotton, including Louis Dreyfus, Orange cotton, Will, to Bao, such as Reinhardt, in India has its own acquisitions and marketing, from the actual trade with these Large companies have signed import contracts with India over the local cotton directly signed the contract, the overall risk is much smaller. Even some of the local Indian word-of-mouth good cotton in India, such as De Ruisi hundred and San Kai cotton companies, and individual Indian Cotton’s bad faith conduct, also complained that the starting point for us to do business there have been skewed. At present, for the credibility of India’s poor cotton, in their countries and there is no direct punitive measures, the international constraints of these people enough, so I believe the future of the international cotton trade disputes will be how to resolve the issue of better ways to coordinate.