India production forecast in the range of 2850 – 3200 million bales between

India’s production forecast for the current debate under way to predict the scope of the 2850 – 3200 between million bales (170 kg / bag). Lint time to market later than in previous years. Production of the main reasons for the lower forecast was due to reduced harvests caused by the weather. Over the next few weeks, listing the amount of lint will reach its peak. More accurately forecast production will be after Christmas. At present, India’s cotton prices have been out of the international market, India Cotton (11700,20.00,0.17% of it) is much higher than the CCI committee on the international market price of the protection of the minimum price (MSP) to buy domestic cotton. The Government of India will be the year of the presidential election years, to continue to support cotton farmers, this week won the CCI acquisition of additional government funding approval, this acquisition will be able to achieve the total 20,000,000 package. CCI in the Dec. 15 purchase of a package of about 3,200,000 (accounting for 34.4 percent of the total market). The total market is the day 9300000 package. CCI is expected by the end of December before the purchase volume will reach 4,500,000 packages (accounting for 37.5 percent of the total market). Dec. 31 is expected to lint listing the total package will reach 12,000,000, compared to 16,100,000 last year, a decrease of 25.4% package. CCI’s continued acquisition of how it will affect the next year or two for the month of the market remains to be seen. CCI is currently in strict accordance with the government to protect the lowest price for the acquisition of land, and the results will enable the domestic cotton demand.

India cotton exports almost to a complete standstill. As of December 15 registered exports of 63 million bales cotton plant can only look on the private sector, progress in processing well below the level of last year. At this stage the next, CCI has not lowered the minimum purchase price intended to protect, which makes almost impossible to export. So far private cotton plant exported only 155,000 packets of cotton in India. In the face of such a large number of non-flow to the market Shouchu cotton, CCI will be how to deal with cause for concern. Shouchu want to deal with cotton has been the only possible only in New York cotton futures on the rise, however, feel that it is unlikely. India’s domestic textile mills are trying to buy foreign cotton, but it makes the international cotton business is not comfortable, especially when they think of the experience of the past and repeated breach of contract negotiations.