India’s chemical fiber textile industry suffered a double blow

India Surat region fiber textile industry suffered a double blow. Following the truck driver to stop the transport saris and fabrics, the Indian national oil company employees triggered nationwide unrest, once again dealt a strong blow to local industry, the textile processing industry and chemical industry of natural gas supply disruptions to air Thursday has been stopped for two days.

Sources said oil and gas company officials to stop the country’s largest oil and natural gas supplies, forced to shut down the Hazira-Bijapur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline. GAIL was forced to stop through the HBJ pipeline of Gujarat state natural gas company’s supply of natural gas led to the textile factory supply.

Textile factory, said, Gujarat state natural gas company’s natural gas supply from Wednesday to stop, but we still have not recovered. Per day of natural gas industry needs three million cubic meters in volume.

Southern Gujarat Department of Textile Processing Enterprises Association (SGTPA) president Pramod Chaudhary said that the truck drivers go on strike and the national oil workers strike led to the textile industry in a paralyzed state.

Just three days, the textile industry has lost five billion rupees. Thursday, most of the textile supply of natural gas processing plants stopped functioning machines also come to a halt.