India’s textile industry invested one trillion rupees

At present, the Indian textile industry is going through a huge crisis. The textile industry a few years ago, invested one trillion rupees face danger. According to the Indian Textile Industry Association report, if the Government does not provide assistance for the textile industry, the textile industry will face drowned.

Its price is very high. The textile industry for the state to create direct and indirect employment opportunities for the largest directly employed 35 million people, 47 million people indirectly employed ,2007-08 fiscal year reached 22 billion U.S. dollars of export in the world textile trade, accounting for 4%.

Manufacturing value-added textile industry in the contribution rate of 14%. By 2012, the textile industry with the creation of 12 million direct jobs and 5,000,000 indirect employment opportunities. At the same time, exports have to be extended to the potential of 50 billion U.S. dollars, India’s share of world trade will be raised to 6%.

However, since last year (2007-08) years, the textile industry by external factors, rather than its own factors. Indian rupee continued to rise, the interest rate costs have continued to go north. Crude oil prices, the textile industry also increased costs of raw materials, and raw materials in the textile industrial production of a large investment.