“Industries of all the world” how to keep out the cold?

Under the financial turmoil, “Dongguan to create” a sample survey

Dalang Town, the economic development is “Dongguan to create” a typical pattern – in 1979 from Hong Kong businessmen to invest in the Greater Long founded the first woolen enterprises, woolen textile industry in the Great on root growth, after 20 years of vigorous development , forming a “Greater Long woolen” of such a regional brand. One hundred and eighteen square kilometers in the area of the town, brought together more than 3,000 woolen industries and enterprises, employing more than 10 million people. products are sold overseas. It is estimated that over the past five years, the world average of every 5 individuals have a large Long wool production. Dalang become the “World Industries of all.”

However, the wool textile industry in the past has always been a classic labor-intensive industries, but mostly by small and medium-sized operations, the weaker ability to resist risks. The financial crisis hit, Dongguan was pushed to the limelight on the waves. Well, this Dongguan characteristics “woolen capital”, in the “winter” in the situation? A few days ago, in Dongguan, the “two sessions” period, the author interviewed Dalang town mayor Hsieh wave.

Wool textile industry: in advance to keep out the cold

“At present woolen industry has not been too big an impact on the financial turmoil.” Xie Jin-bo said that only the first half of 2008, Tai Long woolen 977 enterprises purchased computer knitting machine, 4500 Taiwan to reach the town. Another 37 enterprises plan before the end of 2010 in 1769 to purchase computer knitting machine. Enterprises have not only no obvious signs of decline, but also continuously through the purchase of advanced equipment to improve productivity.

“In marketing, we have since the financial crisis before the arrival of famous brand enterprises are strongly encouraged to encourage products that operate from the past, and gradually move towards the operation of the brand. Now cultivate a batch of brand-name enterprises, these enterprises as a result of record brands, improve the profit margins, even in order to reduce the circumstances, it can guarantee the effectiveness of reduction. ”

It is understood that in the international financial crisis, Dalang woolen industry is still so easily, instead of upgrading in advance relating to the transition.

Several years ago, due to the deterioration of the environment of foreign trade, increased the state’s macroeconomic regulation and control and many other factors, gross domestic textile industry has suffered setbacks in development. The past, the processing trade, export-oriented OEM Dalang woolen industry has been a tremendous impact, according to the town the town of the committee revealed that, due to narrow profit margins, many companies did not dare take a single, 20% -30% of small and medium-sized of business leave, the whole industry is facing re-shuffle.

Aware in advance than others because of the “autumn cold water”, in 2006, Tai Long began to push through government and corporate-led combine, according to market principles, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of the transfer. On the other hand, the town as early as 2005 to help enterprises to strengthen research and development, the creation of independent brands in order to expand domestic sales, domestic sales accounted for the present, Dalang Town, 40% wool sales. A huge potential domestic market has further enhanced to resist woolen Dalang Town, the ability of the financial crisis.

“It is precisely because of our industrial upgrading work done early, doing down-to-earth, in response to the financial crisis, paving the way to do a good job. Now, even if some of the wool textile enterprises uncompetitive be eliminated, it will not be too worried.” Xie Jin-bo said.

Equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry – new vista

“Of course, to address the financial crisis, we are not above the hand.” Xie Jin-bo said, “We in the economic restructuring has also done a long time ago. Now talking about ‘Dalang manufacturers’ not only refers specifically to the wool. Dalang past fact has been focusing on cultivating equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry, to avoid a single economic structure. Now, these two industries and the balanced development of wool textile industry, each with one-third of the town’s economy has greatly enhanced economies ability to resist risks. “Xie Jin-bo also revealed that Dalang is to declare” China’s electronics industry town “, is expected to be approved before the Spring Festival.

It is understood that in 2008 Dalang economy maintained a good development trend, the year the town is expected to total industrial output value of 25 billion yuan, an increase of 15.2 percent, total retail sales of social consumer goods, 2.111 billion yuan, an increase of 20.8 percent, the Financial total income 1.47 billion yuan, 10.6 percent growth. stable economic structure for the town’s rapid economic development has provided a guarantee smooth.

I asked Dongguan will be introduced this year as the number one task, then what Dalang investment plan? Xie Jin-bo said that the continued introduction of advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry, fostering and developing the productive services and creative industries. He also made special mention of CNC machinery manufacturing woolen items, “Dalang weaving machine manufacturing industry has reached a very high standard, there are two enterprises and import of products can even brand competition at the same table. We would like to through the introduction of such enterprises, the formation of industrial clusters, and further improve the wool textile industry chain. “