International Symposium on the Silk Road was opened in Penglai

The morning of Oct. 11, College and the International Symposium on the Silk Road on the sea in the opening of Penglai. United Nations Development Program China regional cooperation project experts, Pan-United Nations Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the Silk Road a series of activities Dong Jianguo attended the meeting, former Japanese ambassador to China Koreshige Anami, and other 12 foreign scholars, Chinese and foreign relations chairman of the Historical Society, China Geng the history of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute upgraded more than 40 domestic scholars participated in discussions. CPPCC Vice-Chairman of Shandong Province, Shandong Normal University Vice-Chancellor, Qilu Culture Research Center, Wang Zhimin, director, Lu Li Shan University, and was invited to attend the speech.

The seminar is sponsored by the United Nations pan-organizing activities of the Silk Road series, the history of relations between China and foreign, Eastern Shandong University, Shandong University Qilu Culture Research Center, Penglai City People’s Government, co-sponsored. The seminar will be ancient Dengzhou Hong Kong as the center of the ancient Dengzhou maritime Silk Road to Hong Kong in an important position in Hong Kong to promote the ancient Dengzhou Shandong Peninsula and the Korean Peninsula, economic and cultural aspects of Japan to start a major role in To carry out extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions.

Penglai is the ancient seat of the Department of Deng state. Hong Kong is the ancient Dengzhou ancient north China’s important foreign trade port, with China’s southeast coast of Quanzhou, Minnesota (Ningbo) and Yangzhou, saying the four major trading port in ancient China. Dengzhou ancient maritime Silk Road to Hong Kong as originating in Hong Kong is one of the ancient Chinese Friendship with Foreign Countries of the favorable exchange witness. In recent years, the city has successfully held in Hong Kong College and academic exchanges between China and South Korea, Hong Kong and the ancient Dengzhou academic exchanges such as Hong Kong and the ancient Dengzhou the academic exchange event, the previous meeting affirmed the ancient Dengzhou Hong Kong In the world history of navigation and to promote exchanges with foreign countries in history, our city for the implementation of the “port city” strategy to provide a historical context support.