Introduction of chenille yarn machine

Using the latest foreign technology manufacturing. Body as a building block structure, surface is sprayed with plastic; sheet metal rack model coordination in appearance, good machine, field size and disassembly easy transportation; whole stiff, smooth operation, low noise; swimming head low, for flexible yarn breakage rate, stable operation, quick sand, large range of ornaments and the choice of yarn twist yarn density, high production efficiency. This device uses the collective with dust absorption device, to cleaner production environment and improve the quality of yarn. Main technical parameters of twenty-fortieths output spindle speed 6-13m/min DIN 418-820T/m from 190mm to s, z-twist twisting range suitable for coarse count 1.5-8Nm 36kg just 112mm production capacity (6Nm)/54kg (4.5Nm) 20 72kg (6Nm)/108kg (4.5Nm) 40 ingot weight 1.5T (3T) lift distance power 6.8KW/12.7KW 270mm machine spindle speed 3800-5500rpm