Introduction of the national textile industry to support the development of policies and measures

“National frequently recently introduced policy, we are more determined and stronger the main textile industry confidence.” November 20, Binzhou, a textile industry official.

November 19, a State Council executive meeting confirms the textile industry to promote the healthy development of policies and measures 6, which is the second on August 1 and November 1 raised the export tax rebate rate twice, once introduced to support the development of textile industry The policies and measures.

“The suspension of trade in textile processing margin Taizhang ‘real change’, corporate duty-free import of textile machinery and equipment of the two policies, enterprises can immediately benefit will be a special technical transformation on the agenda will also help to strengthen the textile industry’s future development.” Provincial Textile Industry Association, Hong Chuan told reporters.

A textile enterprises to survive the status quo

Contact the author of the textile enterprises Binzhou, Shandong Province in the middle size, the main cotton yarn production. The plight of the textile industry, the company said, from 2005 to exchange, the operating difficulties of the textile industry began to appear, together with the last two years, the state’s macroeconomic policies, such as electricity and the impact of price rises sharply textile profit Decline.

“The present situation is that export orders also, but companies do not have a strong bargaining power, then placed orders did not dare. Fortunately, the export of raw materials is the nature of the products, to the domestic market is relatively easier.” The official said, for enterprises The situation has been restructured: the proportion of exports declined from 50% to 30% now; in the import and export settlement, the companies intend to circumvent the loss: to choose cotton imports in the long-term letters of credit, export as much as possible to choose cash.

Although the textile industry has encountered some difficulties, the other companies operating efficiency projects, but they will still be the main textile industry, a lot of money spent last year with the introduction of advanced international standards, such as automatic winding device to raise the level of equipment and technology.

“No matter what the economic situation, people’s clothing, food, housing demand will not change, but to meet the demand for change in the way, through technology upgrades to adapt to the constantly. Sunset, only technical, not a sunset industry.” The person in charge told the reporter that on August 1 Japan raised the export tax rebate rate for the release of the national textile industry to support the policy signal that the recent policy is to cover short-term and long-term development of the industry’s support, they still have confidence in the textile industry’s.

He also revealed details of a person in charge of the confidence this year, loaded with his son to Britain, textile or professional school.

Enterprises still maintain the upward trend

Business confidence is not blind, from the province’s textile industry association figures show: 1-9 months of this year, the province’s industrial added value of textile industry 115,374,000,000 yuan, an increase of 17.43 percent, down year-on-year increase of 7.24 percentage points; production and marketing rate 98.44 percent, 0.24 percentage points year-on-year to improve.

It is worth noting that the province has more than scale industrial enterprises in the textile and garment 4933, and in 2007 the figure was 4703. Hong Chuan believes that this change in that difficult situation, Shandong Province, there are still many enterprises have maintained a good momentum up.

So far this year, the textile industry by funding shortages, international financial turbulence, power supply, the RMB appreciation, export tax rebate rate down to tighten the processing trade policy, a variety of factors of production costs and other unfavorable factors, the face of unprecedented problems, Production and operation difficult to run.

In the environmental impact of large, Shandong Province, the textile industry to lower profitability. 1-9 months, large-scale textile and garment enterprises to achieve sales of 419,340,000,000 yuan, up 23.23 percent, an increase of the same period last year decreased 6.7 percentage points; 38,930,000,000 yuan in profits and taxes, an increase of 20.8 percent, an increase of 16.2 percentage point decline.

However, with the southern provinces, Shandong Province, the impact on the textile industry to be small. Hong Chuan said that so far this year, the textile industry in Shandong Province is not big ups and downs, despite the problems of individual enterprises, but the signs appear to be a check. Strand breaks in April as a result of funds being merged Ideal Group of cherry Jining Group, is now on the right track, a good run.

Shandong’s textile industry and steady development of Hong Chuan believe that the rapid progress in enterprise reform and the high level of equipment is important. Shandong textile and garment enterprises, 98% belong to joint-stock companies and private enterprises, operating efficiency, enterprise development at the disposal of strengthening the autonomy. At the end of the century reduction and elimination of outdated production capacity, the textile enterprises in Shandong Province carried out a large-scale equipment to improve the current level of equipment in the nation’s leading status.

In the first half of next year will be the most difficult period

It is understood that the current textile enterprises are facing a major problem that is short of capital. Prior to the implementation of the processing trade Taizhang reserve policy is to require the processing trade enterprises to import raw materials, according to its own credit rating, to pay 50% -100% margin. Home to Vosges, for example, imported 20,000 tons of cotton to pay 20,000,000 yuan of bonds, some of the credit rating companies to pay the lower amount will be more. In the first half of this year, Shandong Province, 510,000 tons of cotton imports, processing trade Taizhang reserve in Shandong Province will no doubt fail to switch off their textile enterprises with plenty of liquidity.

Shandong’s textile and garment production in 1 / 3 or so for export, is the second largest category of export commodities. January to September this year, exports of 11,730,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 15%, an increase of the same period last year to increase 1.7 percentage points.

“Shandong textile and garment industry has taken shape in the industrial chain, and strong support, export enterprises to take a strategic adjustment, the development of emerging markets and speed up restructuring and product R & D innovation, the competitiveness of their own to resist market risk and enhance the capacity, has a certain Advantage. “Relating to the Office of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation said that the introduction of a series of supportive policies, the majority contribute to the promotion of exports, which is to maintain stability in the textile and garment exports will have a positive impact.

It was felt that, in the first half of next year will be the textile industry the most difficult time. Hong Chuan said that the textile industry in Shandong Province, to make use of favorable policies brought about, and do a good job of independent innovation and apparel, home textiles industries of the two chain-building, to foster brand-name products, special industrial clusters and large enterprise groups. She also suggested that to reduce intermediate links, as soon as possible good news into enterprises, small and medium enterprises so that the liquidity in place.