Is chinese rugs life cycle costs and maintenance costs

Carpet is costly and take care of trouble once be shut from ordinary families, now with the improvement of living standards, chinese rugs has gradually been accepted, so let us now look at the life cycle costs and maintenance costs of the chinese rugs is as expensive as we imagine it! 1 life cycle cost of chinese rugs, chinese rugs is the cost of the life cycle cost of basic manufacturing, chinese rugs installation and assemble additional expenditure, there are maintenance costs added up by dividing the sum of consumption life was out of the chinese rugs. How long you can use the chinese rugs, mainly depending on their appearance, but an acceptable degree. Some of these types of chinese rugs, for the sake of maintaining impressive appearance, to pay a 60% higher than the General chinese rugs maintenance cost. Therefore, long-term maintenance costs derived savings, would be enough to offset the huge investment was originally used to purchase high quality chinese rugs. 2 chinese rugs, chinese rugs maintenance and cost the life of the many factors, such as chinese rugs manufacturing quality, fiber, type, color, texture, pattern, cushions, usage, usage, maintenance requirements. Correct maintenance methods to how important it is to extend chinese rugs life. Without careful maintenance of chinese rugs maintenance plan or only occasionally do it once, it looks like level of depletion will more receive daily care chinese rugs quickly and seriously, so their maintenance and repair costs at any time, and it is difficult to budget. All in all, sum such expenditure usually budgeted and planned maintenance spending more. The fact is that the effective maintenance measures to extend the life cycle of the chinese rugs. Long lifespan of the chinese rugs, the lower the annual cost of the.