Is full of health threats please see House of toxic substances

“Home is not the safest place, toxic substances are lurking everywhere. “King sidelines Professor of environmental sciences at the University of London in an interview with the daily mail said. He also listed the 17 kinds of everyday household items, and more secure alternatives are given one by one. 1, most of air fresheners contain phenols. When inhaled, will have respiratory problems and headaches and irritate eyes. After contact with skin, can also cause peeling, caused the measles. Alternative: using natural methods for fresh air, such as pot plants or placing grapefruit Peel. 2, most of the bleach containing a chemical substance called sodium hypochlorite, it has a strong corrosive, releasing toxic gas with irritation, excessive exposure may cause damage to the lungs and hair. Bleach and ammonia in aquatic products (often used as a household cleaning agent) at the use of particularly dangerous, as their chemical reaction occurs, releasing chlorine gas. Alternative: for some difficult to wash the stain, you can use lemon repeatedly wiping. 3, most synthetic chinese rugs contain volatile organic compounds, long-term exposure may cause allergic disease. Alternative: buy using natural fibers, such as chinese rugs made of wool and cotton. 4, dishwashing liquid and washing powder containing sodium carbonate and phosphate will easily lead to allergic reactions. Alternatives: product not containing phosphates. 5, many electric appliances, such as television, computers and electric blankets, usually containing bromide resistance agents. Bromide fire agent released into the air, are likely to be inhaled, and is not easily eliminated from the body. At present, bromide burning agent have been shown to cause resistance mice abortion in Sweden and other European countries have been disabled. Alternatives: use hot water bag instead of electric blankets; the appliance out of the bedroom to avoid sleep bromide inhalation resistance agents. 6, many of the cleaning powder used to clean Windows, contain special ammonia smell, this irritation and skin corrosion, causing eye and lung irritation. Long-term contact with ammonia, can also cause liver damage. Alternative: using two spoons of vinegar, on the US dollar a litre of hot water, then dips after wet wiping the glass with a cloth. 7, various studies have shown to scalp hair dye, absorbed into the body. Earlier, the European Commission has banned 22 chemicals used in hair dyes. Alternative: I believe the nature is beautiful. 8, home fire furnace produce dioxin. Belgium a study by the University of Leuven show that young people often use the fire furnace, the testicles or breasts to young people much smaller than in other areas. Alternative: avoid bonfire at home. 9, according to United States society of Dermatology to a new study shows that of nickel-containing jewelry, jewelry can cause contact dermatitis. Alternative: as far as possible to wear jewelry made of gold or Platinum. 10, usually containing naphthalene in the toilet cleaner, this toxic substance will stimulate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. After inhalation of large, human liver and kidney damage. Alternative: pour 250 ml white vinegar in the urinals, the next day and then brush. 11, cleaning agents usually contain acetone solvent for nail polish, used for a long time, can cause headaches and mental confusion. Alternatives: does not apply Nail Polish, natural cleaning agent is not required. 12, plastic toys may contain phthalate esters. United States study found that long-term exposure to genital malformations caused by phthalic acid esters. Alternative: the use of wooden toys. 13, shoe Polish containing nitrobenzene, with central nervous system toxicity, can cause headaches and drowsiness. Alternatives: cotton dipped in olive oil, then add a few drops of lemon juice, the smudge on the shoe, clean in a few minutes. 14, cosmetics are usually contains some toxic chemicals, such as skin care emulsion of p-xylene is the cause of abortion in risk factors. Alternative: look in the packaging for the green flag, identify their composition. 15, the same as all cleaning products, liquid soap containing a chemical substance called surfactant, this substance can produce bubbles. Can cause skin water loss, so that it becomes dry and rough. Alternative: using organic products. 16, chemical fiber sheets may contain formaldehyde. Such substances can stimulate the skin and respiratory tract, and never been clean. Alternative: to make use of fully pure cotton bed linen. 17, scrap to head shampoo usually containing antifungal substances, one of the most commonly used is a pyridine-sulfur copper and zinc, it may cause skin sensitivity. Alternative: try olive oil massage hair for ten minutes. Is full of health threats please see House of toxic substances