Ancient Persian proverb says: Isfahan is half of the world. Isfahan is located in the city of the Iranian plateau 1600 meters above sea level, is a long-established culture of the ancient city, a few centuries ago, Isfahan hand-woven carpets in the East and West on the much-respected, in the seventeenth century, the Persian king Abbas, the Iraqi capital Si Han city law so that access to the golden age of Persian carpets. That time the world’s best carpets were from Isfahan, used in the Persian Palace, the royal family in Europe, the Holy See and the noble class, or shop on the ground or as valuable as oil paintings hang on the wall. Today, the famous Persian carpets to a large extent be attributed to Isfahan, Isfahan carpet is like a jewel at the center of Kwai, Shahabasi palm leaves, curly leaves, flowers and winding vines of a major pattern, using The world’s best wool – Kolk wool, silk weaving in the line of latitude, Isfahan rugs are still being considered to be the best in the world of Persian carpets.