Italian textile machinery will also reduce the demand for the same period last year 20%

By the end of 2008 according to preliminary statistics, the production of Italian textile machinery industry dropped by 18% over the previous year, output value of around 2.285 trillion euros. Production to reduce the impact of the Italian domestic market sales and export sales.


2007 export 2151 billion euros in 2008, decreased to 1.782 trillion euros. The world’s major markets (including China, India and Turkey) are not investments. 2008 Italian for a very small number of country sales growth (such as Brazil and Russia). Italian domestic market demand for new machines the same period last year also decreased by 20%.


Total orders, the second half of 2008, Order index (2000 = 100) only 28.4 points over the same period in 2007 reduced 52%, while in 2009, machinery manufacturers are facing a situation far worse. In fact, the first half of 2009, the situation will not improve. A recent survey shows that most manufacturing companies are the current difficult credit nervous.