January 12 China’s cotton price index Quotes Comments

Since the weekend, although a strong cash market prices, some cotton still increases, but as a result of inadequate funding textile enterprises, to defer procurement plans, the market actually traded very thin, no city has a price slightly. China’s cotton price index (CCIndex328) level for 11,090 yuan / ton, up 1 yuan last five; CCIndex229 level for 11,647 yuan / ton, up 9 yuan; CCIndex527 level for 10,035 yuan / ton, up 22 per.

According to China’s cotton price index quotation system monitoring, cotton prices in recent days, whether or heavy textile enterprises have been plagued by financial pressure, some companies that have been overwhelmed. Cotton prices to reflect the one hand, money from circulation by slow the impact of recent acquisitions have been a serious shortage of funds, on the other hand, spot sales of money from circulation problems, in addition to clearing acceptance, there are a lot of debt, and years ago, also faces the problem of clearing the wages; textile industry said that at present mill sales staff are carrying out the difficult work of collection, because some small knitting, garment factories have closed down the risk at any time, years ago, or return the money may become a dead account . The production, production years ago, only the maintenance of a minimum, as little as possible the production, less consumption, less reserves, the purchase of cotton in previous years at this time will not reproduce the basic peak. Generally speaking, because of funding problems, the entire cotton oversupply of raw materials market slightly.