January-November cumulative export ports of Ningbo Silk 1,719,000 m

According to the Ningbo Customs statistics, the January-November cumulative export ports of Ningbo Silk 1,719,000 meters, valued at 4,920,000 U.S. dollars, respectively, over the same period last year, an increase of 1.4 percent and 97.9 percent; silk exports an average price of 2862 U.S. dollars / km, down 17.4 percent. Its main features are: all general trade exports. Pakistan, ASEAN and the United Arab Emirates for the export market for the first 3 A, the export volume of 736,000 meters, 355,000 meters and 274,000 meters, increased 13.1 times, 80.5 percent and 8.4-fold, 3 together account for 79.4 percent of total exports.

Ningbo Port silk exports have doubled and redoubled the main reasons: the high-end clothing, a number of international brands began to use more environmentally friendly, comfortable, Wah Kwai beauty of silk; some of the larger volume of consumption of silk products such as silk and silk textile products have Become the best-selling market, support product development of the industry; silk products in Europe and the United States due to quota restrictions have not, and other textile products as a result of trade friction, the export environment for a sharp volatility, many merchants began to pay attention silk products in order to reduce the operation of other textile products And the risk.

At present, the development of silk industry there are still some hidden cause for concern: the cost of natural silk material is much higher than cotton, linen, chemical fiber; volatile prices of silk, silk injury cheap farmland in some areas have already been felled trees situation, to the silk industry Smooth and healthy development of the new dangers.