Japan’s carpet market

At present, Japan’s Tufting carpet to reduce the size of the market. However, according to different purposes, some of the area also is expected to maintain the status quo or continue to expand its scale. Retail sales in the carpet “Tie” said the unit size, the entire volume of sales of “Tie-” the same “Tie” for the unit sales of folding up the “simple carpet”, as well as a centimeter in size units for sale The Rug (small carpets), and so on, a wide variety. The market trend was to reduce the whole room is covered with the premise of the sale of “post-” and “simple carpet.” The family room on the floor to be part of laying the Rug (rugs) to expand a market trend.

Japan’s carpet sales, mainly for decoration and engineering contractor for the average consumer patterns of the two. Decoration works for the contractor, for hotels, office buildings or residential carpet laid. Now, Japan to the sale of decorative works of the contractor wide carpet in the narrow market every year. According to the JCMA (Japan Carpet Manufacturers Association) of the aggregate data show that in 2002 the production of carpets wide area in 1997, compared with almost halved. As the wide Carpet is one of the major markets high-level apartment, and the increasingly began to switch on the floor, which has become the currency market led to the narrowing of the major causes. Hotels and other commercial facilities as another major market, but also because of the economic downturn and the impact of the repeated extension of the re-conversion period. In addition, the new hotel is also due to more European and American enterprises, the use of foreign wholesalers carpet manufacturing carpet.
However, the combination of the carpet market in general has expanded. JCMA according to the statistics, the combination of carpet in 2000 broke through the production of 20,000,000 square meters mark. In the metropolitan area and in 2002 (on the outskirts of Tokyo) large-scale construction works one after another, after another breakthrough in the production of 21,000,000 square meters mark. However, the combination of the carpet market, there is also a big problem. Although the number of Yige Jin growth. However, with increasingly fierce competition, prices are continuing to decline. To this end, the companies have plans to level Loop from the popularity of goods from China, and strive to increase the Multi-Level Loop, and so expressive of the rich variety of goods. How to open up the higher price of commodities groups carpets market is the combination could be the key to the expansion of industrial production.

Store sales in the domestic carpet market was also affected by the economic downturn, Dan slowly narrowing trend. JCMA According to the statistics, “ScatterRug Rug” and “folding carpet (that is the general term for simple carpet, do not use lining, can be easily folded after the removal of carpet),” an annual output of the scale in 1998 dropped to 26,000,000 square meters large Kwan, in 2001 and 2002 respectively, also fell to 21,000,000 and 20,000,000 square operation.

According to the Japanese market, sales trends show, 4 and a half note, note 6, and other large-sized carpet, that is, the Tie-, carpet summary of the market is narrowing, and 180 cm, such as Rug, that is, the small size of the carpet currency market is expanding. As a result, that the carpet industry, it is necessary to promote the sale of carpet, only the continuous development of “high-value but small-selling carpet.” Now, in order to adapt to the currency market demand, some Japanese manufacturers have started to actively develop high value-added Rug