Jia Hua Yan flag so that the licensing by customers like carpet

Wasserstein Carpet Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiangsu Province is located in Sheyang County Road 8, Red Flag, the company was established in 1986, is a production of carpet Tufting-based integrated manufacturer of professional carpet. The introduction of a full set of Great Britain, Italy and other countries of the carpet-the-art production equipment, with an annual output of 5,000,000 square meters, “Yan flag” brand carpet Tufting, 1200 tons BCF polypropylene fiber and filament yarn and carpet shops to match the material. Have been producing a variety of specifications, the level of Tufting carpet, the main products are high or low loop, high-low-cut circle Pile (Jacquard), Quanrong (Jacquard), low high-density ring, blanket boxes, etc. 8 Series 70 Species and non-slip mats. Since 2000, Tufting carpet production and sales increased year after year, became the Tufting carpet in the area of one of the leading manufacturers.

In April 2000, “Yan flag” brand products through the National Carpet Center for Quality Supervision, Inspection and the quality of follow-up test, in July 2002 for the first time in the country under the “interior decoration materials, carpet, carpet pad and carpet reducer limits the release of harmful substances” The standards TOVC, styrene and formaldehyde in the test project. A standard-class products (environmentally friendly) targets.

Wasserstein carpet good quality, fast and efficient service, “Yan flag” brand carpet by customers and consumers, and become the carpet in the eyes of consumers recognized brand.