Jiangsu cotton production to be insufficient to encourage the production

Jiangsu Province in 2008 National Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin was informed that in 2008, Jiangsu Province, the total output of cotton 326,000 tons, an 6.2 percent reduction in 2007. In the provincial government announced the province’s top ten categories of agricultural products, has eight categories of production than the rise over the previous year, only cotton, Cocoon (2008 total output 97,000 tons, representing a decrease of 13.9%) continued to show declining production posture.

In addition, the bulletin shows that in 2008, Jiangsu Province, a total of 3,789,000 tons of spinning, from an analysis, the province’s cotton production across the province in less than one-tenth of the volume of consumption of cotton, which means the province has more than 90% of the spinning prices of cotton used in or necessary to rely on imports from other provinces and cities organized procurement, production of cotton, with cotton a big province a serious imbalance between supply and demand shows that development has become the focus of their production.

North Jiangsu Plain bordered by the Yellow Sea, especially the vast Lixiahe region, called the grain and cotton warehouses. Eight in the last century, the nineties, to Nantong, Yancheng, Yangzhou, Xuzhou, Lianyungang and other regions as represented by the main producing areas in Jiangsu cotton, cotton production in the country the reputation of slogan. The great development of cotton production in Jiangsu was rich, rich farmers, and brought with Jiangsu characteristics of cotton spinning industry cluster, the province’s total output of cotton breakthrough on many occasions to pay tens of millions of Tam mark, Dafeng, Sheyang, such as cities (counties) in the nineties, after three years exceeded a million tam mark, become the country’s inland provinces, the highest output at the county level in the main cotton-producing areas. However in recent years by the development of an integrated market economy factors, Jiangsu year after year decline in cotton area, yield only half of its peak times or less, while the traditional, new-born enterprises to organize a large number of textile raw materials and intensity of attention on the overseas and outside the province, in the face of high-quality cotton production in main producing areas of the fine traditions and advanced scientific management methods of farming, in the face of well-equipped sound-developed textile industry, Jiangsu agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors have been calling for many people, “Do not throw good cotton, development of production. ”

However, the cotton market instability, all kinds of special crops significantly by comparison of effectiveness of the diversion, a large number of migrant farm labor and so on, have resulted in the development of the Jiangsu Cotton difficult to move. Zhangjiagang City Jiangnan’s early years, Taicang City, once the production of all cotton, is now, the local industry, high-efficiency agriculture emergence, cotton and effective as a high-risk unstable plant projects, has a number of non-local species or less species. Jiangsu Province has been the revitalization of cotton production are time waits for no man!