Jiangsu polyester filament market (10.10-10.16) Comments

Jiangsu polyester filament market weakness in the downlink, quiet atmosphere of market transactions, only sporadic small-volume transactions, a strong atmosphere of panic in the market. POY sales price, FDY and DTY slightly lower than the rate of decline, at the same time, polyester filament production and marketing enterprises sluggish rate, 70 remain at the basic level. In addition to the business sale, marketing efforts continue to reduce benefits. Market traders depressed state of mind, strong intention Paohuo the market a strong wait-and-see mood, downstream manufacturers make them apathetic procurement efforts, the difficult sales situation, the lack of market mentality in the doldrums. At present, the upper reaches of the raw materials down the disadvantaged, the lower reaches of the lack of demand, and market polyester filament in the double attack, closing all the way down the focus of the entire polyester filament% E