Jiangxi branch to determine the “one adjustment, the focus of the second tilt” of the credit policy

Based on the current buying and selling of cotton to market conditions, Jiangxi branch of the situation, identified the “adjustment, the focus of the second tilt” of the credit policy to support the province’s cotton work smoothly.

“Adjustment”, that is, adjust and optimize the structure of the customer, strict credit access. Jiangxi Branch of the whole jurisdiction of the 2008 cotton year eligible for loans to buy cotton enterprises to re-identify, access to loans will be eligible for the provincial branch to confirm approval. The sub-branch in accordance with the requirements of the head office, in conjunction with the following conditions, do a good job of cotton loan qualifications examination. The first is on schedule to return in the last three years were the Agricultural Development Bank of cotton loan principal and interest, no bad credit history, credit rating at A-level (including) above; Second, the normal production and management, business, assets and liabilities are not, in principle, a rate higher than 75%; The third is to provide effective legal security of assets; fourth, with loans and supporting the participation of its own funds to buy cotton, and deposited in the provincial branch of the provisions of the proportion of the risk reserve. After verification, all in support of the original line of 27 enterprises out of 11, accounting for the credit business to support 40% of the additional 5 to complete the technological transformation of enterprises. At present, the bank has approved access to credit to support the purchase and sale of cotton processing enterprises 21.

“Second, the focus”, that is has completed the technical transformation of enterprises and larger flow of credit to support the enterprise as a key target. Actively cooperate with the Jiangxi branch of the national cotton quality inspection system, “discrimination, merit-based support for the” guiding principles, first of all, focus their strong support, operational efficiency, high credibility, the anti-risk ability and processing of cotton have qualified Leading enterprises and the industrialization of the cotton spinning enterprises, or acquisition of wide radiation will be operating, trust, effective focus on the larger distribution companies, as well as the province has been included in the cotton quality inspection system and planning to update the 400 tons of large-scale and balers A larger, better-effective, high integrity of the corporate acquisitions market. This was followed by modest support for the restructuring has been completed, there is the risk tolerance of the cotton companies to buy into the market. For the weak, poor credibility and can not be included in the province of cotton quality inspection system of planning the implementation of the mechanism of enterprises. Bank-wide focus to determine support for the 14 enterprises, accounting for 67% of the access business.

“Second tilt”, that is, lending to low-risk enterprises, the main cotton-producing areas tilt. First, to favor low-risk enterprise. The first line of all levels according to the characteristics and operating conditions of enterprises, management of the implementation of the classification, to take credit differentiation strategy. The focus of business support, only to pay no less than 5% of the amount of loan risk reserve, the legal representative of the enterprise, the main shareholder of assets of individuals and businesses should be arrived to do an effective asset to be released after the arrival of credit loans, loans in excess of its principle The maximum amount of loans approved. The support of the moderate business, to be paid no less than 10% of the amount of loan risk reserve may not be issued credit. Second, the implementation of the cotton loan loans online loan risk and the Line of Control, “two” policy. For cotton spinning enterprises to buy their own cotton, the provincial branch to determine the larger distribution companies focused on the acquisition of cotton, the implementation of the test apparatus notary big cotton, to buy online loan can be up and the remaining customers to buy online loan does not float. Provincial branches will be in accordance with the head office of the loans made under the line of control risk, in the first working day of every week in the internal network announced that effective the week. Bank loans issued to acquire no more than lines on loans, loan companies to buy into the market to follow the line of control lending risks. When the business risk control over loans to buy cotton line, immediately stopped the supply of loans. Second, according to the state’s industrial development policies, the main cotton-producing areas to tilt. To determine the entire line of credit to support the 21 companies in 17 major grain producing areas, accounting for 81% of the enterprises in the region to ensure the distribution of the main producing areas of the credit business to buy into the market. At present, the bank has issued loans to 4,000,000 yuan for loans eligible for purchase and sale of enterprises activated cotton market.