Jiangxi region last week pengze cottonseed market price analysis

Last week, Jiangxi pengze regional cottonseed prices continued to decline, from December 22 0.65 yuan / kg decreased by December 26 to 0.58 yuan / kg, making lint a sharp increase in the cost of 200 yuan / ton, coupled with the spot market continued downturn caused by the majority of cotton enterprises in trouble or loss, the current spot market for almost a standstill, more than 70% of the 200 suspension of the acquired businesses and the wait-and-see, is still processing the most choice to buy commercial pledge and the credit to the textile mill. Under such circumstances, the local participation of 400 enterprises收储acquisition has become exceptionally heavy every day to buy seed cotton amounted to 30-50 million kg. It is understood that the local textile products recently appeared more serious the situation of poor sales, some textile enterprises operating rate has dropped to between 50-70% of raw materials inventory is only 1-3 days to make up for the wishes of the Treasury has declined markedly.