Jiaxing Shengze the two market prices of polyester filament Comments

Today, Shengze Jiaxing Polyester stability between the two places are still slightly edged up the market, such as textile manufacturers have been Shengze DTY prices continued to have 100 yuan / T, another FDY direct spinning companies generally rose, in which 63D/24F Price raised to 9700 yuan / T. Tongxiang regional POY Price increase 50 yuan / ton; Shengze, Taicang area yesterday, prices rose today after temporary stabilization quote POY. Polyester whole atmosphere of the general market, the overall trading volume and a decrease compared to a few days ago, but the chemical fiber plant Polyester spinning lower inventory levels, coupled with the upstream raw material prices are rising. Driven by cost, having Polyester prices will have a slight push up trend.