Just how many types of chinese rugs?

Many types of chinese rugs, suitable for laying many of the family. With material points, mainly natural materials, wool, silk, nylon, polypropylene, grass and artificial materials such as two classes; the production process, mainly hand-woven and machine weaving two; constructed in weaving, mainly down two tufted and ring. Laying of different species have different effects, suitable for different features of the room. Use natural materials take skills making hand-woven chinese rugs, has high artistic value. Traditional Chinese rugs and Persian chinese rugs in the history is a typical representative of this type, in all types of chinese rugs belong to the higher grades of a, especially Silk weaving is the most noble. General hand-woven chinese rugs are wool and blends of two types, can be divided into arts, picking of flowers type, such as convex-different artistic styles. Due to its production research, technology exquisite, rich patterns, therefore the main focus for indoor floor decoration parts. Advantages of this type of chinese rugs are decorative strong, its good elasticity, difficult deformation, good insulation properties, but the price is more expensive. Using artificial material taking machine knitting technology of the production of chinese rugs, has a high practical value. Man-made woven chinese rugs currently in use in the family, much is made of polyester, acrylic, polypropylene filament or staple fibers woven into. It laid room surface, cheap, to good effect, you can play a role in vacuums, acoustic, thermal insulation. New chinese rugs with flame retardant and antistatic functions, to tufting and circle down choose between two types. Tufted pile upright chinese rugs film, look and feel, soft and flowery, suitable for housing spacious, a small population of families, and moving infrequently room; circle cashmere blanket is real simple, looks simple but elegant generous, more suitable activities living room corridor, and the population number of families. Carpet paving block full and tailor-shop, two small blocks. Entire shop full of forming fixed on the room floors; small tailor shop is a special blanket block, just flat swing floating aside on the ground, therefore high smoothness requirements on the ground. Former is suitable for General laying, which are appropriate for frequently need to transform furniture display room. In addition, straw-weaving, knitting, corn series of grass chinese rugs weaving classes. This chinese rugs is rich smells in the country, lay in the summer, feeling beautiful and cool, cheap. But it is not easy to maintain, easier to ash, often rainy and humid areas should not be used.