Kenya, the use of Bt cotton farmers

In India and Pakistan after a long-term use of Bt cotton, the current Kenya decided to adopt genetically modified cotton, which is to increase cotton productivity, thereby enhancing the production of cotton, Cotton Board of Kenya, a senior official said.


Kenya Cotton Development Board, said on behalf of Chief Executive Officer Joshua Oluyali, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute is conducting the final stages of Bt cotton experiment, after these Bt cotton will be available to wholesale growers.


The use of Bt cotton is the recovery of the State Government as part of efforts to cotton production in the late 80’s, Kenya’s cotton industry on the verge of collapse. In 1986, cotton production reached 70,000 bags, last year a minimum of 25,000 packets.


Bt cotton has already been recognized, because Bt cotton does not require spraying pesticides, capable of delivering twice the output. Experts believe that long-term use of Bt cotton on soil harmful.